by Melanie Christodoulou
posted 10/03/2017

Gig Guide – Take One 10th March 2017

Afternoon Eastsider! Looking to catch some great live music near you? Take One’s got you covered. Check out this packed guide full of all the artists we love here at the station. For more information, tune in on Friday’s 1:30-3PM. Missed an episode? Don’t stress! Just click HERE and scroll down to the on demand section at the bottom of the page.

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Take One 10.3.17


Gig Guide:

13.3.17 Leadbelly Newtown Diesel

13.3.17 505 Jazz Jam and Games Night

13.3.17 Opera Bar Amali Ward

13.3.17 The Basement The Monday Jam

13.3.17 Foundry 616 Organ Transplant returns ($10 + FREE Drink)

14.3.17 505 Old School FUnk and Groove Night

14.3.17 Opera Bar Jordan Millar

14.3.17 Jazushi Naoki Hoshino

14.3.17 The Sheaf Ellen Arthur

14.3.17 Lazybones Lounge Sisco Electro + Elsen Price + Katie Rosewod + Matt Fletcher

14.3.17 Foundry 616 Labor for the Arts

15.3.17 Foundry 616 Brian Simpson Quintet (USA/AUS)

15.3.17 505 Blue Wednesday

15.3.17 Camelot Lounge Vila Navio (Protugal)

15.3.17 Leadbelly The White Tree Band

15.3.17 Lazybones Lounge The Outside-In Trio

15.3.17 Jazushi Aaron Blakey

15.3.17 Lazybones Lounge The Outside-In Trio

15.3.17 State Theatre Bebel Gilberto

16.3.17 Gasoline Pony Fifty Million Beers

16.3.17 The Basement Roo Panes (UK) with special Guest Anabelle Kay

16.3.17 Jazushi Monique Lysiak

16.3.17 Sly Fox Hip-Hop Night

16.3.17 The Sheaf Glenn Esmond

16.3.17 Leadbelly Baldwins + MMG + Ines

16.3.17 Opera Bar Soul Nights

16.3.17 Lazybones Lounge – Level 1 Dr. Taos’ Medicine Show Level 1

16.3.17 Lazybones Lounge Mama Schultz

16.3.17 Django Bar Domini Forster (Melb) Album Launch + Leroy Lee


16.3.17 505 Sophie Hutchings and Luke Howard A Night of Solo Piano

16.3.17 Foundry 616 Yasmin & Fanous

16.3.17 Upstairs at the Beresford Clayton Doley’s ‘Bayou Billabong’ // Matt ‘The Rumble’ Morrison & The Honky Tonks // The ‘Continental’ Robert Susz Blues Band

16.3.17 BED JR’s Jazz Jam

16.3.17 Factory Theatre – Floor Bazzookas (NLD)

16.3.17 Factory Theatre Willie Watson

16.3.17 Lizottes Newcastle Martha Wainwright

17.3.17 The Sheaf Dirty Cash

17.3.17 Marble Bar Brown Sugar

17.3.17 The Basement Mundy (IRE) – Aus Tour

17.3.17 Jazushi Freefall Duo


17.3.17 Camelot Lounge Barrio Latin Soul

17.3.17 Lazybones Lounge The Red Rattlers + Chris Gillespie + Cameron James Henderson

17.3.17 Opera Bar Rob Edwards + Soul Shack

17.3.17 505 Tina Harrod Electric

17.3.17 Lazybones Lounge – Lvl 1 Andrew Dickeson Quartet” featuring Dan Barnett

17.3.17 Foundry 616 Smooth Grooves with Armondo Hurley and Kat Peereboom

17.3.17 Bondi Pavilion Jazz @ The Pav ft. The catholics

18.3.17 Marble Bar Soul Empire

18.3.17 Jazushi Susan Gai Dowling

18.3.17 the Sheaf Soul Nights

18.3.17 Camelot Lounge Monsieur Camembert

18.3.17 Lazybones Lounge Lost in the Woods + CloudBird

18.3.17 Gasoline Pony Los Romeos Oxidados + Chosani

18.3.17 Bankstown Arts Centre 3rd Annual 4Elements All Age HipHop Festival :: 18th Mar 2017

18.3.17 Opera Bar Miranda Carey + Adam Katz

18.3.17 Leadbelly Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges (USA) + Colin Jones

18.3.17 505 Bobby Alu and the Palm Royale

18.3.17 Foundry 616 Anna Salleh’s Brazil and Beyond

18.3.17 City Recital Hall Paris Combo

19.3.17 The Sheaf Tim Mcartney

19.3.17 Django Bar Canto Latino presents Sentido

19.3.17 Jazushi Steve Barry

19.3.17 Opera Bar Cass Greaves

19.3.17 Camelot Lounge A Night Of Greek Music with CYANO LIVE!!!

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