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Album of the Week

by reception
posted 11/02/2020

Eastside Radio’s Album of the Week: Feb 9 – Feb 13

Eastside Radio’s Album of the Week is Tjukurpa: The Story by Frank Yamma, released through Wantok Music.

Frank Yamma is one of Australia’s most significant Indigenous songwriters with an ability to cross cultural and musical boundaries. An initiated Pitjantjatjara man, Frank sings in his native language and English. His mighty songs, magical guitar playing and deeply evocative voice tell stories of country, protection, heartache, travel and love. Although he’s lived in Adelaide for many years, Frank’s spirit belongs to the heart of Australia. Uluru. Docker River. Ernabella. Central Australia. As Frank says, “wherever the Pitjantjatjara mob come from”.

His albums, Countryman (2010) and Uncle (2014) released after a ten-year hiatus gained Yamma widespread critical acclaim and recognition leading to an opportunity to perform nationally and internationally. Frank’s touring highlights include WOMADelaide, Byron Bay Bluesfest and Sydney Festival. In 2014, Yamma was included in the official showcase for WOMEX, a spot which is rare and coveted amongst artists from Australia as well as internationally.

Frank Yamma released his debut vinyl record, Tjukurpa: The Story this February. The record is accompanied with a digital release of The Kulila Project, a compilation which features contributions from long time collaborators David Bridie and Phil Wales as well as remixes from CORIN, James Henry and EA Wave’s Jinku, Hiribae & Ukweli.

Artist: Frank Yamma

Title: Tjukurpa: The Story

1. Beginning Of The Day

2. Nguta Waljilpa

3. Dreaming for You

4. Mother & Father

5. She Cried

6. I’ll Be Back Soon

7. Make More Spear

8. Kungka Kutcha

9. Coolibah

10. A Blackman’s Crying

11. Everybody’s Talking

12. Pitjantjatjara

13. Kapi Pulka (Hiribae & Ukweli mix)

14. Beginning of the Day (Haus Bilas mix)

15. Jay Creek (Tjila) (Tjaka mix)

16. Tjintu Kutu (Jinku mix)

17. Kapi Pulka (Ernabella Mix)

18. Pitjuli Wankanye (James Henry Remix)

19. Tjintu Kutu (KaltuKatjara mix)

20. Tjukurpa Wiru (Corin Ileto mix)

21. Lonely Woman Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3 (Zedsix mix)

22. Pitjuli Wankanye (Medium Guy Remix)

23. Wiru (Beginning of the Day) [Desert Birds Remix]


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