by Dominic Staddon
posted 15/05/2017

Eastside Radio AGM

Thanks to everyone who came along to the AGM at the end of April. It was well attended, smoothly run and very special for the recognition of individual efforts with our awards! Our new Board is now made up of Babette Bensoussan, William Ehmcke, Natascha Moy, Lynda Reid and Patrick Spedding. Thanks to both Nick La Rosa and Tanya Dombkins for their time on Board.

  The night was closed with the recognition of 3 very special awards.

The Wally

 Is a great name for an award and comes with a cheque for $1k!

 Wally Wrightman was one of our longest serving Presenters at Eastside Radio with over 20 years service. He presented Jammin as well as In Town Today and any other program he could get his hands on! He was a member of the Board and a constant promoter of the station around town to anyone who would listen! He was invaluable and loved the medium of Radio. One of his favourite quotes was “the real art of radio is to make it personal, make people feel like you’re talking to them; there’s something in the voice, something in the tone that can create a real relationship on air.”

The premise of the award is to encourage a young volunteer under 35 to continue on in the pursuit of community broadcasting. The volunteer will have had at least two years at Eastside Radio and operated over and above what it required. That includes helping out at the drop of the hat. Thinking of new ways in which to promote the station. Working both on air and behind the scenes.

 This bi-annual recipient has been involved at the station for over 5 years. A previous Music Director for two years and an out of the blue Radiothon Coordinator / Saviour when one year we almost forgot to hire someone!!! She has presented on air for two years now without fail and offers to conduct additional training and help out with important fundraising events such as donor recognition nights or record fairs and world music festivals. We’re very proud of her contributions to the sector and she now works full time at Amrap the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project, which assists with getting Australian artists music heard around the country on community radio.

 Congratulations Chelsea Deeley!


 “I honestly was in no way expecting such an honour that I think it essentially left me mute! I’d like to thank Eastside and the fantastic people within the station for teaching me so much and also for working with me over the years (seriously, 5 years? It feels like only yesterday that first I walked up those stairs!). Special mentions to Tony, Virginia Lowe and Georgie Zuzak who were some of the first people I met at Eastside and who I particularly feel have played a huge part in helping me get to where I am today.

 I love this station, and I hope to be here for another 5 years at the very least!

 Thanks again, so so much!


 20 Years Service

 To a community radio station is no easy feat. As a volunteer it takes tremendous passion and a desire to give. We ask a lot of our volunteers here at Eastside Radio and broadcasting on air is a challenging and time consuming exercise. Add into account the technological developments the station has undergone the past decade and there are very few presenters still contributing from the 2000’s let alone the 90’s.

 Our first recognition tonight goes to a presenter who first started in 1997.

 Their path to community broadcasting began almost by accident as they first entered the station as a guest. Luckily for us they were a guest with talent! After much practice and what we can only imagine was self-taught skills they graduated to their own Arts program in 2000 and have been the highlight of our audience’s week on air for many years amongst so many other talented programs. As we’ve been corrected many times now, hers is not an Arts show. It is an ‘Art’ show. And to hear the skill and timing that goes into her well planned and thought out show it truly is an exhibition of the art form of broadcasting.

 We thank you for your time on air, and as a volunteer helping to train others.

 Congratulations Sylvia Rosenblum!

unnamed (1) 

 “How much has changed in 20 years! Gone are minidisks and cassettes and gone are handwritten logs. But some things remain the same. Most importantly for me, is the recognition that Eastside has handed me a great privilege in giving me a microphone and I have always remained cognisant of that privilege. I keep note of it as I research and prepare my shows, I am aware of it when I phrase the questions I ask my guests and I jealously guard it when something threatens the maintenance of communal harmony. These are the responsibilities that come with the privileges and this is what I teach new presenters to Eastside.

 Thank you, thank you Eastside for giving me the privilege of a microphone for 20 years – and still not out!


Our Second Recipient also began broadcasting in the 90’s albeit two years earlier in 1995.

 A presenter of two outstanding programs including 1 that has been nationally syndicated for nearly two decades on the Community Radio Network. We’ve talked before about planning and preparation and this presenter also proves the point of putting in the effort beforehand as her show is often seamless and timed to the second. In addition her love and support of Australian jazz makes her program pivotal to the scene and a place for future jazz musicians to be heard. This volunteer has also spent time as a Director on the Board and it’s a testament to her commitment to the station that she still continues to give to Eastside Radio today after these terms. We’re very proud to have someone who’s been here on the air for 22 years. 

Congratulations Paula Langlands!

unnamed (2)

 “To the Board of Directors and the Managing Director,

 A Big Thank you for the award i received last night at the AGM. It was a happy and unexpected surprise and always a feel good experience to have what you do recognised.  

 I have been involved/interested in jazz since the time, as a child, i would sit on the floor with my ear in the speaker of my parents standard wireless listening to the boogie pianists or the Stan Kenton Orchestra.  And, having retired as a performer, I am grateful that I can continue to be involved in the music i love, in a medium I love, due to the support of Eastside Radio.


Once again thanks to everyone who came and helped out.

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