Drive - Wednesday

Wednesdays at 4pm

Drive - Wednesday

Grab a coffee & strap yourself in safely, then get ready for a fast & furious session !

We regularly talk to local, state & federal politicians (ministers & backbenchers) & quiz them relentlessly about things that we think you might want to know (what the hell, we want to know too!). Also expect to find interesting & leading edge interviewees, including ‘business heavies’, social commentators, expert academics, visiting musicians, authors & the occasional harmless individual (who we invariably treat with kindness & compassion). And if that doesn’t float your boat then perhaps the regular contributions we get from some of the nations most respected journalists should do the trick.

We would love to share the airwaves with you, so join us on Wednesday’s between 4 & 6pm – we also welcome any and all of your comments and contributions (please be kind, we’re all really softies at heart).

See you on air…….(better make that, ‘talk to you on air’)

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