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by jraffan
posted 12/11/2016

Counting Women in the Arts – The Countess Report

Elvis Richardson, Women versus Men, 2014 (detail: Women)

Elvis Richardson, Women versus Men, 2014 (detail: Women)

Join me, Jane Raffan on Arts Monday 14 November for a program that focuses on women and their representation in the visual arts sector.

Guest interviews are with Elvis Richardson, artist and author of The Countess Report, “a benchmarking project and online resource on gender equality in the Australian contemporary art sector.”

Richardson has compiled and analysed data on “education, prizes, funding, art media, organisational makeup, and exhibitions of various kinds across a wide range of galleries including national and State, regional, commercial, ARIs (Artist Run Galleries), and CAOs (Contemporary Art Spaces).”

And the news isn’t good for women, whose numbers are far greater entering the arts field than men, but for whom proportional successes – achieving status as directors, prize-winners, and representation in galleries, to name a few of the areas in focus – are significantly fewer. We’ll be looking at the report’s findings – the good and bad – and pondering a deeper understanding of underlying biases as a starting point for action.

Elvis Richardson’s CoUNTess blog has published data on gender representation in Australian contemporary visual arts since 2008 and cites “data-collecting activities provide hard evidence of the need for – and add substantial traction to – action by women artists working to bring gender equality to art education, art practice and contemporary art culture.”

And the music? The playlist showcases upbeat songs by strong female vocalists calling for respect, empowerment and action. Amongst the mix: Diana Ross, Dolly Parton, Aretha Franklin, The Staples Singers,  Sister Sledge, Donna Summer, Chaka Khan, Annie Lennox, Queen Latifah and more!

As always, I look forward to your company.

Jane Raffan


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