Con Open Academy Soul Ensemble Audition

Con Open Academy Soul Ensemble Audition

By: undefined undefinedPosted: July 05, 2024
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Con Open Academy Soul Ensemble Audition

By: undefined undefinedJuly 05, 2024

Have you got what it takes to mix it with Motown? Does your musical prowess stack up with Stax?

Live auditions are being held on Thursday the 18th of July for the Con Open Academy Soul Ensemble. 

You’ll learn and perform this historically important repertoire from the 1950s/60s/70s through to the present era.
Create authentic grooves, punctuate the music with short solo improvisations or sing both lead and rhythm vocals during 16 classes over an 8 week term following your successful audition.

Find the ‘soul’ music in you!

The Soul Ensemble audition helps their students find their own version of the expression of music. Find your groove and learn the blues and soul. Music ranging from Aretha Franklin, Raye Charles, and the Temptations. Auditions are Thursday, July 18th from 6 pm to 9 pm. 1 session lasts a total of 3 hours. These auditions are held at the Sydney Conservatorium Of Music, costing 20$, with Darren Heinrich. Auditions are live, and the minimum age is 16. If you are a full-time student or hold a current pension/ healthcare card you will receive a 15% discount. if you enroll for an audition by June 24th you will receive a 12% discount and pay a total of 492.80$ per term, or otherwise known as the early bird discount. Interested in an 8-week term, the fee will be 560$. Inform the staff what instrument you play before the audition.

After your audition classes will be held on Tuesday Nights starting on July 30th with Darren Heinrich, and Thursday nights starting August 1st with Nick Hoorweg. Waitlist options are also available if no auditions are open. These classes allow students to be immersed in a broad range of classic Soul and Rhythm ‘n’ Blues music styles by appreciating the performance of historically important repertoire from the 1950s/60s/70s to the present. Vocalists gain experience singing both lead and harmony parts, while rhythm section players learn to create authentic grooves that will move an audience. Horn players learn to work as a section, punctuating the music and providing contrast with the short solo improvisations endemic to the style. Typically there will be up to 3 vocalists (doing both solo and BV’s), a rhythm section of drums, electric bass, keyboards, a horn section (trumpet, alto, tenor) and 2 guitarists.

Soul Ensemble has been such a great experience for me and I was smiling all week with a full heart, happy to have participated and in the spirit of just having a go at something after many years of absence.”

What: Con Open Academy Soul Ensemble Audition 2024

Where: Sydney Conservatorium Of Music

When: Thursday, July 18th from 6 pm to 9 pm 

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