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by stapletonm
posted 07/09/2016

Coming up Arts Thursday 8 September

The Art of Politics and Artists in Residence

Art-speak is the segment where I interview influencers and forces in the arts sector in Australia.

This Thursday, the focus is on arts and its role in politics. The federal election is past and while the parties in government continue to wrangle, let’s find out what is happening to the Arts Party, which fielded its first candidates for the federal election recently and gained extraordinary support on what can only be described as a pathetically small budget.

PJ Collins - The Arts Party

PJ Collins – The Arts Party

Join me as I speak to Arts Party Leader and co-founder PJ Collins to find out why the party was formed, its results in the recent federal elections and where it’s headed in the future.

For further information about the Arts Party go to http://www.artsparty.org/


We also go local and over the next few programs I will be interviewing Woollahra Council’s 2016 artists-in-residence.

This council cultural program provides a number of artists with their own studio space for about a year and provides excellent opportunities for artists in all genres to work in a studio in Paddington and importantly, to engage with the community in a specially developed project.

For further information about this council program go to: http://www.woollahra.nsw.gov.au/community/arts_and_culture/artist_in_residence

Over the next few programs I’ll be speaking to all 7 artists in the current program – and exploring the diversity of practice and their community engagement program.

David Asher Brook

David Asher Brook

Fiona's entry into Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2015

Fiona’s entry into Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2015

Fiona Hueston

Fiona Hueston







This Thursday, meet Fiona Hueston, a sculptor in paper, within her multi-disciplinary practice and David Asher Brook, a painter, video artist and stonemason.

For further information about David go to: davidasherbrook.com

For further information about Fiona go to: fionahueston.com


If you miss the program you can listen again by going to http://eastsidefm.org/arts/artsthursday/ and clicking on the date 8 September

Tune into Arts Thursday with Maisy Stapleton every fortnight from 10:30 to noon.

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