Classical Beats

Tuesdays at 11pm

Classical Beats

Classical Beats provides some of the world’s best classical music curated and presented by Alan Field.

Eastside Radio prides itself on offering a wide range of musical genres, and classical music is one of them. Many forms of music lean on the classics, and many well-known artists use them as inspiration and as the basis for their own variations on it.

This classical music program will not only present classical classical music, but also quirky classical music, edgy classical music, and even classical music which has fallen off the edge.

Selections will include excerpts from full symphonic works, specialist themed music, kids’ classics, concerts and works of all kinds for those who appreciate the wide variety and enduring nature of classical music created over the ages. Music will be featured of famous and not so famous composers, musicians of renown and those with aspirations of becoming renowned, and even those whose works might not fit comfortably within the classical definition of classical.

I hope you enjoy the variety of music presented by Classical Beats for your ears’ entertainment and your brain’s delight.

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