Breaking Waves

Mondays at 6pm

Breaking Waves

Breaking Waves is a program about smashing stereotypes and dispelling stigma. It’s about daring to be different, and getting maximum fun out of life.

Our 6 presenters represent the gamut of physical and neuro-diversity – from Alex, a bright and vibey young woman with Tourettes, to John Mark who went blind after suffering a massive stroke. The articulate cineaste Riley and the sports and politics obsessed Shai both experienced difficulties at school. Geoff overcame numerous setbacks to become an acclaimed poet.

What they all have in common is a zest for adventure, creative brainstorming and the ability to see what others often miss. Spending time with the Breaking Waves team is always a delight. Working in pairs, they share stories of school yard bullies and comic book heroes, they wrestle with medications and social attitudes. They review apps, movies and memes.

Honest, provocative and often hilarious, Breaking Waves is training a new generation of radio personalities and presenters, skilling them up and letting them loose on the airwaves. They’ll make you laugh and sometimes you’ll shed a few tears.

Breaking Waves is brought to you by Eastside Radio in the 89.7fm Paddington studios in Sydney in association with the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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