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Boiling Point is Eastside Radio’s 30-minute foray into the scientific world. The BP crew discuss obscure scientific facts, recent developments and play tunes with a tenuous connection to their topics of choice!

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Chantelle Doyle is a Botanist and Ecologist who loves exploring the quiet hidden places in Sydney and beyond. She is a strong advocate of citizen science programs and has driven across paddocks, taken soil samples and planted trees with farmers, schools and community groups all across across Australia. Hands on experience has taught her there is nothing more satisfying than swinging a mattock!

Tim Owen Beneath the Bachelor of Microbiology and European History that underpins Tim’s interest in the ever-expanding frontiers of science lies a deep seated passion for all things aviation. Tim’s never-ending quest is to seek out new ideas, linkages and patterns across the broadening human knowledge horizon and to share in its wonder and occasional opportunity for humour.

Cat (Catharina) Vendl is a vet from Germany and currently a PhD student at the University of New South Wales. She left behind the realm of vaccinating dogs and cats and moved on to search for the holy grail of scientific revelation. She spent a year in the Australian outback to make friends with a bunch of kangaroos and to study their methane output. Cat currently works on analysing the blow of whales. She hopes to develop a tool to monitor the health of whales without disturbing the animals in their natural habitat. Cat hasn’t made up her mind yet if she rather wants to go into academia or become a science journalist after her PhD.

Anastasia Savrova studies the mating behaviour of animals with eight legs. She is an arachnologist and despite the many hours spent with the crawly creatures she is still a little scared of them, but they also never fail to fascinate her. Anastasia currently does her PhD at University of New South Wales, exploring mate choice and sexual cannibalism in arachnids. She also loves science communication. It doesn’t matter the audience (it might be a bunch of apiarists dressed up in their professional outfits), she will get the message across. Otherwise, Anastasia practices ballet, music, and enjoys escaping the busy buzz of the city.

Nick Tsoukatos has recently completed a Bachelor of Science from Sydney University, where he developed a strong passion for microbiology. He is interested in working within the health industry to develop probiotics and wants to compete a postgraduate course in Physiotherapy.


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