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Boiling Point

by Boiling Point
posted 02/01/2018

Boiling Point Tuesday 2nd of January; Science in 2017; New Year New Me! And, gun powder and fireworks.

As we say goodbye to 2017, let us reflect on the many wonders science delivered. It has been the year for discovery. Science did not disappoint; we learnt about the processes that govern our world. We learnt about, the discovery of the mesentery and now we all have a new organ. We also found out about a new form of diabetes, type 3c. This type of diabetes develops due to inflammation in the pancreas and due to pancreatic tumours. Lastly, perhaps the most intriguing discovering is discovering a new continent called Zealandia. This year was mapped out by new wonders and fresh realisations. What was your favourite? Want to reflect a little more? Listen to what Cat said on this week’s podcast.

A new year and a new you. Every year we dust it out this saying. A common new year’s resolution is to become fit. For those ‘want to be,’ fitness junkies, scientists have found an interesting discovery. It appears there is a connection between exercise, longevity and how we perceive our active or inactive lifestyles. It has been found the perception of how active we are impacts our longevity. Scientists believe, the role of perception on motivation, our emotions and our beliefs influences our health. Before we start thinking ourselves fit, check out the podcast and listen to what Alex has to say!

Fireworks mark the end of the year. But how are they made and what actually are fireworks? This week Chantelle discussed the mechanisms of fireworks and the science behind the explosive array of colours and patterns lightening up the night. Gun powder, honey and photographs all encompass the science behind fireworks. It is the similar chemical structures only slightly altered that lead to fireworks. Listen to Chantelle discuss the science behind this brilliant mechanism.