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by Boiling Point
posted 24/01/2017

Boiling Point 24 Jan 2017 + bonus point

Grabbing the last skerrick of holiday before heading homeward #22degreehalo

A photo posted by Tim (@othyothyothy) on

Dinosaurs, fairy circles, 22 degree halos and Lake Wakatipu’s seiche

Alex dug back into the Jurassic to see if dinosaurs may one day walk among us:

Chantelle checked out what’s causing fairy rings in the Namibian desert

And Tim shared stories of two phenomena he encountered in Queenstown, New Zealand. Look it up, what are 22 degree halos and Lake Wakatipu’s seiche?!?! (Hint: Check out the piccie above).

Plus listen to the bonus track here about the Legend of Lake Wakatipu

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FairyRings Namib Desert

Fairy Rings Namib Desert Courtesy New Scientist


Looking North towards the Glenorchy end of Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand.



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