Boiling Point

by Boiling Point
posted 14/03/2017

Boiling Point 14 February 2017 SA energy and red at night

Red at night, sailors delight? New Tesla battery array for SA?!

Dr Luke Hedge jumped back into the BP chair to discuss the South Australian energy supply and competition to solve storage problems, sparked by the offer of a Tesla battery back up for the state, storing 100 megawatt hours !

And Chantelle was up at the crack of dawn to notice a stunning sunrise, prompting her to wonder; “Red in the morning, sailors warning? Is it true?” Turns out it is, if you happen to live in latitudes 30 to 60 degrees either side of the equator. It is all to do with the prevailing winds that travel west to east.

Red in the morning sailors warning. Red at ngiht sailors delight

Red in the morning sailors warning…only if you are in the 30 to 60 degree latitudes

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