Bambu Hut

Saturdays 4PM

Presented by King Keith (Keith Williams), Amma Owusu, and Señor Bambu (Brent Clough)

Bambu Hut is a showcase for an incredible diversity of (mostly) tropical popular musics, old and new. Expect classic cuts from the Caribbean and North, South and Central America. Your Bambu Hut hosts bring a deep love and knowledge of particular styles. Original soundman King Keith (Keith Williams), reggae lover Amma (Amma Owusu) and pan-tropicalist Señor Bambu (Brent Clough) will guide you through the intricacies and pleasures of  R&B, jazz, calypso, mento, ska, rocksteady, reggae, lover’s rock, dub, mambo, bugalú, Latin jazz, and more. You’re always welcome to drop by the Bambu Hut for a joyful, party-starting Saturday afternoon!