Bambu Hut

Saturdays at 4pm

Bambu Hut

Presented by King Keith (Keith Williams), The Duchess (Amma Owusu), and Señor Bambu (Brent Clough)

Bambu Hut is a showcase for an incredible range of hot popular musics. Guided by the Jamaican backgrounds of King Keith and The Duchess, a Bambu Hut mix always includes classic cuts from that loud little island with mento, Jamaican jazz, ska, rocksteady, and golden period reggae to the fore. Pan-tropicalist, Señor Bambu adds music from South America, Africa, and the Pacific to the reggae stew. Fling in portions of extra tasty jazz, ’50s R&B, exotica, and calypso and you have a spicy musical banquet every Saturday afternoon inside the Bambu Hut. Drop by and tuck in!


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