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Aya Pfeufer’s Journey to Sydney, Australia

By: undefined undefinedJune 20, 2024

Hi, my name is Aya Pfeufer, and I am currently interning at Eastside Radio 89.7FM. I am studying journalism and media and screen studies at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. I enjoy listening to all different genres of music, from pop to hip-hop. Having played the cello for several years, I appreciate the melodies and range of complexity in music. I also went to Centre for Young Musicians, a division of Guildhall School of Music & Drama, for a decade, where I immersed myself in different areas of music, such as theory, music production, songwriting and cello ensembles. I listen to a range of artists and enjoy listening to music through Spotify, iTunes, and occasionally the radio. Discovering new artists, and songs is exciting. Jazz, as a music genre, is important as it enriches social diversity, it is also used for cultural expression.

Although I tend not to use the radio as often as online streaming services, I value the radio as it allows listeners to engage with new information and updates. It is a basis of connection, and the radio is a medium where you can discover new music, artists and listen to broadcasters. Music is impactful globally and can be seen as a universal language that evokes a range of emotions and also helps unite people. It can also be a form of cultural expression. Media, a mass source of communication, plays an important role in informing the audience, it can be used to promote artists and upcoming album releases. Social media platforms can help increase cultural awareness. 

I am keen to gain more experience in the broadcasting industry, and I am excited to contribute to Eastside FM. 

Down below is a link to a documentary on the history of jazz which I found captivating. It breaks down the history, origins, and development of the music genre. 

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