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Mondays 10.30AM

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Presented by Margaux Dombkins & Leah Haynes & Susie Lindeman & Paul Neeson & Anthony Frater & Ira Ferris

Paul Neeson has worked in television and radio producer working at Showtime and ABC Classic. He has been a musician all his life playing diverse genres including rock, blues, classical and jazz as well as stints as a ballet rehearsal pianist. His passion for the Monday Arts program centres on classical performance, theatre, dance and comedy.

His co-host Anthony Frater is an Art Historian, writer and critic. He brings you artist stories, news of current exhibitions and events. Not only can you listen to compelling and at times revealing interviews with some of Australia’s greatest living artists and curators but also he talks to young, local, emerging artists. Paul and Anthony together share a love of electronic music, chill and ambient sound worlds that are ideal for your morning listening pleasure and a perfect foil to their engaging interviews.

Susie Lindeman is an established film and stage actress who was in films such as Howards End and Razzle Dazzle. She also acts in TV productions like All Saints and frequents the stage.

Dr Margaux Dombkins – Join Margaux on Mondays for fascinating insights into the arts and culture at the heart of our community. Margaux’s shows stimulate the mind and enrich the soul. Her wide-ranging guests and lively conversations introduce you to talented and knowledgeable creative individuals. Margaux takes a fresh, innovative approach – inviting you to see things from a different perspective and highlighting the quirky the surprising and oftentimes the controversial aspects of artistic and cultural endeavours – all with a touch of humour. Margaux also produces and presents a variety of focused series such as ‘Australian Poets’. The music throughout her program is drawn from a broad range of genres that are inspired by her guest interviews. It’s a constantly evolving playlist and she is always striving to find great examples across all different styles with some eclectic surprises added to the mix. Outside of the studio Dr Margaux Dombkins is an executive director who works across a broad range of cultures and stakeholders for both public and private sector organisations in Australia and internationally. She is a former Fairfax Media journalist, editor, and publisher of a community newspaper. Margaux has chaired a variety of Committees, Panels and Boards and was Chair of NSW Government Policy Committees in Arts, Cultural Heritage and Community Development, and in Transport and Communications. She has also lectured in business and communications at UNSW and has held the position of Professor of Management and Communication.In case you miss a show you can always catch the podcasts of Margaux’s interviews on

Ira Ferris is Sydney-based, Zagreb-born curator, writer, podcaster, and interdisciplinary artist working across dance, poetry, video art, and sound collages. She is co-Artistic Director of Artemis Project. She will be on air with you every second Monday focusing on art and environmentalism. Her show is subtitled Sympoiesis – a term taken from the environmental philosopher Donna Haraway who defines it as ‘making with’. Haraway writes: “Nothing makes itself; nothing is really autopoietic or self-organizing.”  Arts Monday: Sympoiesis is created as a reminder of the interconnectivity between humans and the rest of the natural world, to re-kindle the lost relationship. Each show will feature an in-depth conversation with an artist whose practice has care for the environment at its core. You will also hear poetry inspired by nature; read and elaborated on by the writer. Music wise, you can expect variety of field recordings and music composed with environmental sounds, giving voice to nature and expanding the anthropocentric definition of what constitutes music in the first place. If you are an artist or a poet working with environmental themes, please feel free to contact Ira at 

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