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Arts - Monday

Ira is Sydney-based, Zagreb-born curator, writer, podcaster, and interdisciplinary artist working across dance, poetry, video art, and sound collages. She is co-Artistic Director of Artemis Projects and co-author of SPACE BODY HABIT. She will be on air with you every second Monday focusing on art and environmentalism. Her show is subtitled Sympoiesis – a term taken from the environmental philosopher Donna Haraway who defines it as ‘making with’. Haraway writes: "Nothing makes itself; nothing is really autopoietic or self-organizing.”  Arts Monday: Sympoiesis is created as a reminder of the interconnectivity between us humans and the rest of the natural world. Each show will feature an in depth conversation with an artist whose practice has care for the environment at its core. You will also hear poetry inspired by nature; read and elaborated on by the writer. Music wise, you can expect variety of field recordings and music composed with environmental sounds, giving voice to nature and expanding the anthropocentric definition of what constitutes music in the first place. If you are an artist or a poet working with environmental themes, please feel free to contact Ira at 

Chris is a Sydney based Screenwriter, Script Editor, Lyricist & Creative Producer. Chris is a Creative Development Executive at Sidekick Pictures. While making a living as a screenwriter, she enjoys exploring life as a meditation practitioner in the private and public sectors. Chris will be on air with you every second Monday for The Art of Mindfulness program – she’ll be playing upbeat chilled out music – everything from folk to funk, engaging in conversations with creatives about their mindfulness practice and offering some short, guided meditations. If you’re a creative artist with a meditation practice, please feel free to connect with Chris at

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