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by rosenblums
posted 28/05/2019

Arts Wednesday 29 May 2019

We commence with music and conversation with Leonie Cohen and this week we play Pages from her latest CD, Pages Suite.

At 10:40 am, I am delighted to welcome Shakespeare expert, Dr Anna Kamaralli,, back to Arts Wednesday, with a new 6-part series called Shakespeare and Company, commencing with Two Houses:Both Alike in Dignity. Queen Elizabeth I gave the first commercial licenses for professional theatre and one of them was the company Shakespeare joined.

At 11:00 am, my special guest is Jonathan Liu from the Archie Rose distillery. This boutique distillery in Rosebery, makes whiskey, rum, vodka and gin, all with a unique Australian flavour. However, I was drawn in by their latest offering, Archiemite, which tastes of hot buttered toast and Vegemite – well they actually don’t specify which yeast extract, but ……..

Music today is about spirits, particularly gin, for which Archie Rose is so famous but also Elizabethan music to accompany our new Shakespeare series.

Please keep me company!

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