by rosenblums
posted 10/01/2017

Arts Wednesday 11 January 2017

I am very happy to be back at the console and presenting this week’s show.

We start with Elly Baxter, who goes by the intriguing title of Ginstress. She is co-author and researcher for Mother’s Ruin, a cabaret about gin, showing for a very short season  at this year’s Sydney Festival. Mother’s Ruin was the name for gin – you can guess why – in the mid eighteenth century and Elly tells the story in an interview I recorded with her earlier this week.

In the second half of the show, I will be joined by singer, Gregory Page, who’s plane arrives in Sydney at 10:30 am so let’s hope there are no delays. Also joining me in the studio is Justine D’odd from the Gipsy Hot Club. Justine introduced me to Gregory Page and his music – thank you Justine!

Music starts with gin and moves on to music of Gregory Page.

Do join me!


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