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by Bronwyn Rennex
posted 04/09/2021

Arts Thursday 2 September 2021

Presented by Bronwyn Rennex

For today’s show (inspired by the interview I did 2 weeks ago with Hugh Stewart and Rachel Knepfer about the Lockdown Picture Show)  I thought I’d reach out to some creative friends and colleagues to ask them:

  • what’s keeping you busy?
  • what are you doing to keep afloat/sane?
  • what music have you been listening to, what would you like me to play & why?

I had some fabulous chats and played some great tunes.

Todays guests were:

Brenda L Croft – who chose From Little Things Big Things Grow by Electric Fields.

Lorrie Graham – who chose Gurrumul’s Bayini featuring Sarah Blasko.

Kriv Stenders – who chose Extraordinary Life by Gordi. Kriv recently directed a documentary about Juantia Neilsen, Juanita: A Family Mystery that will be screening on the ABC on Tuesday 7 September.

Liz Watts – who chose Solitude by Billy Holiday and got a bonus choice of Better Days by Graham Nash. Liz was one of the producers of Fires, an anthology series about the 2019–20 Australian bushfire season megafires which devastated Australia and captured the world’s attention.[4][5]

Tony Mott – who chose So Far Away by Carole King from the album Tapestry and also mentioned a duo called the MonaLisa Twins who do covers of Beatles songs, so I played their version of My Guitar Gently Weeps.

Sarah Goffman chose one of her favourite versions of Sunny, Cher’s 1966 version in fact. We discuss her exhibition Applied Arts at the Chau Chuk Wing Museum at the University of Sydney – all installed, just waiting for Covid restrictions to ease so people can see it.

Eastside Station Manager Tony Smythe chose Lolo by Rocket Juice & The Moon and finally,

I chose Chet Baker’s Tangerine because my neighbour’s son has been learning to play it on the trumpet and I enjoy hearing it most afternoons.

I hope you enjoyed the show.

I’ll be back on air again on 16th September with more chats and music.

If you would like to listen again, you can here.