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Album of the Week

by reception
posted 24/04/2016

Album of the week – Cold Radish Coma by 30/70


‘Cold Radish Coma’ by 30/70 is Eastside Radio’s Album of the Week.

Here at Eastside Radio we love originality and this weeks featured album is full of it. Melbourne is widely known for its music scene and for producing some of the finest artists in the country, a Melbourne collective that are starting to get a lot of notice for their funky beats are 30/70. With a mix of Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz we are greeted with a really energetic joyful album, sounds that will put a spring in your step for whatever tasks lie ahead.

30/70 originally started out as a quintet, then like all great things in life they expanded, they became a nine-piece clan to make them an even greater collective of musicians/producers and all round creative thinkers. With all this talent they have managed to integrate so many different instruments together to combine one great sound throughout. With the use of guitars, electric bass, trumpets and trombones they have found a way to accompany the drums and the vocals beautifully to make it a wonderful journey of sound.

Starting off the album is ‘Source’ with lots of beats, percussion and with minimal vocals they prove that they are certainly not just a hip-hop group, with jazzy tones and the use of horns the track really flows with itself to make for a pleasurable listen.

The Future-Soul/Lo-Fi/Boom-Bap collective have been likened to artists such as Flying Lotus, Erykah Badu and D’Angelo. However since they bring nine different members talents and instruments together it’s great to hear the range of several instruments and sounds blending, they have really figured out a way to get it all to gel. On this latest album ‘Cold Radish Coma’ we hear 15 tracks, some though are less then a minute long, these tracks are ‘Level 1’, ‘The Strut (reprise)’ and ‘Crystal Eyes In’ but as the saying goes it is not about quantity it’s about quality and that’s so true here as the tracks are short beat melodies that work as great little stings throughout the album.

Another real smooth mellow track which shows off their uniqueness is ‘Local Knowledge’ we hear great vocal notes from Allysha Joy who’s backed up by Danika ‘Dee’ Smith. In the background we hear stutter beats and some real matching tones from the trombone.

The last track on the album ‘Cold Radish’ starts off with some fuzzy crackling noise, some people may say it sounds distorted but it just adds to the rawness and realness of their sound. It’s a great track to finish out on as it doesn’t all of sudden change their style it’s as laid back as the rest of the album.

The collective have released three previous albums ‘A Brother Scratch’, ’30 / 70 Remix Tape’ and ‘Thirty Seventy’ bringing all smooth beat tracks, most are quite short but it only means that you just keep playing them. ‘Cold Radish Coma’ was released in December last year under Moontown Records, engineered by Lachlan Wooden and mastered by Simon Lam.

If you are looking for a record that’s easy to listen to, a piece that gives you an insight into what the next generation have in store for modern soul, and a chance to hear an array of different instruments, then this album has your name on it. It’s the type of album that anyone can listen to certainly doesn’t confine itself to one particular genre.


Artist Listing

Allysha Joy – Voice
Thomas ‘Tang’ Mansfield – Guitar, Synthesizers
Jarrod ‘Jam-Master’ Chase – Fender Rhodes
Henry ‘Hazy’ Hicks – Electric Bass, Synthesizers (Muff Bender) Zeke ‘Ziggy’ Ruckman – Drums (Salmon Slap)
Nathaniel ‘Uncle’ Sametz – Trombone
Reuben ‘The Renegade’ Lewis – Trumpet
Danika ‘Dee’ Smith- Backing vocals on ‘Local Knowledge’ and ‘For You’.
Joel Trigg – Keyboards on ‘The Sauce’

Track Listing

1. Source
2. The Strut
3. Das Dank
4. Level 1
5. Feel
6. Tenderloin
7. Level 2
8. Strut Reprise
9. Local Knowledge 10. Level 3
11. Crystal Eyes In 12. Cash Harp
13. Kellett St
14. For You
15. Cold Radish

You can follow30/70’s career via their FACEBOOK page, or at thirty seventy.bandcamp.com. Be sure to tune in this week to 89.7FM EASTSIDE RADIO for your chance to WIN a copy of ‘ Cold Radish Coma’ by 30/70. For an extended listen to the album, tune in on Thursday from 1.30PM – 2PM for ‘Album of the Week’ with Josh Crosbie. You must be a supporter to win so make sure to sign up at http://eastsidefm.org/support-us-2/. Don’t forget you can also stream the station at WWW.EASTSIDEFM.ORG.


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