Album of the Week – Amaru Tribe by Amaru Tribe

April 24, 2017


Amaru Tribe’s self-titled release is Eastside Radio’s Album of the Week. Produced by Oscar Jimenez aka Chibcha (Watussi, Madre Monte, Miss Colombia) and Amaru Tribe, the album’s unique energy showcases collaborations with artists from all around the world including: Tonolec (Argentina), QVLN (USA), Stuart Fergie from OKA (Australia) and more.

Their strong musical heritage imbues their compositions, which explore electronics fused with tribal instrumentation, uniting South America and Oceania into one musical vibration. The album’s bilingual nature allows the listener to discover connections between Australia’s diverse cultural backgrounds and it consolidates its place in a new global identity. Amaru Tribe calls this style Oceanic Cumbia or in spanish: Cumbia Oceanica, which gives the name to their first track in the album and introduction to their sound.



About the band:

Strings, Skins and wood holds together this tribe of six. Emerging from their trans-oceanic journeys they gather by the laws of creative gravity in the city of Melbourne to resonate with a new sound vision.In Quechua, “Amaru” is the serpent which connects the spiritual and the subterranean world. The tribes deep connection with their roots and mythology is nurtured through in their songlines. Amazonic drums, vibrating charangos and powerful vocal harmonies align to the Australian land creating a musical portal that connects the entire south hemisphere and gives birth to an unknown genre which they call Oceanic Cumbia.


1.Cumbia Oceánica

2.Triate al Río

3.El Girasol

4.Soy Campesino

5.It’s Time (Interlude)

6.La Tribu

7.Bahía del Sol

8.Que Siga la Fiesta

9. Positice Vibes


Oscar Jimenez: Vocals/electric & acoustic guitar

Katherine Gailer: Female singer/ rapper / Visual artist

Jose Nieto: Vocals/ percussion

Christian Saavedra: Cuban Timbales & Percussion / Bvs

Abraham Dunovits: Ukelele / Electric Guitar / Bvs

Emiliano Beltzer: Bass / Bvs

You can follow the band HERE . For an extended listen to the album, tune in on Thursday from 1.30PM – 2PM for ‘Album of the Week’ with Josh Crosbie.

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