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A Techno Night With X CLUB.

By: undefined undefinedJune 11, 2024

Review of HIDE THE JUNK warehouse party present by X CLUB. at Carriageworks.

As night falls over Sydney, the Carriageworks undergoes a transformation. Once-deserted streets teem with life as crowds of young people flock to the venue, eagerly awaiting entry into the former railway hangar. After clearing security, the atmosphere shifts into high gear. The cavernous space pulsates with energy as music reverberates off the walls, synchronized light shows electrify the air, and the sea of revelers moves in unison, fully immersed in the infectious beat.

Credit: Jordan Munns @jordankmunns

The pulsating beats of underground techno leaders such as SPFDJ from Sweden and SHAMPAIN from Ireland, alongside local talents like Crybaby from Naarm and FUKHED from Meanjin, fill the air at Carriageworks. The venue teems with the vibrant energy of dancing ravers. Just when we believed the evening had peaked, the atmosphere intensifies with the electrifying entrance of X CLUB., the renowned Australian techno duo.

Credit: Jordan Munns @jordankmunns

Immersed in their realm, bridging early 90s techno with futuristic drum’n’bass, we experience a crescendo of intensity and controlled chaos. Their beats compel everyone to dance, seamlessly integrating with the post-industrial ambiance of Carriageworks.

HIDE THE JUNK warehouse party was the first major music event in Carriageworks’ largest venue since 2019 and the night was sold out.

Credit: Jordan Munns @jordankmunns

More than a techno night it was an audio and visual rave experience. The amalgamation of music, light displays, beverages, and diverse culinary offerings from food trucks representing cuisines worldwide elevated the experience.

This event served as a testament to Sydney’s potential for a vibrant and dynamic nightlife with the very best of house and techno scene.

HIDE OF THE JUNK warehouse party was organised on June 8th by Carriageworks, one of Australia’s most renowned and significant contemporary multi-arts organisations.

Clara Esnault

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