Forever French

Wednesdays 8pm

Presented by Gabrielle Haumesser, Sandrine Charruyer, Emmanuelle Revelut, Mehdi Mendez, Vincent Hernandez, and Stéphanie Denizard

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Sandrine and Emmanuelle

Mehdi and Vincent



There has been a French show on Eastside Radio each Wednesday night continuously for 17 years.

Gabrielle & Sandrine started ForeverFrench as a musical program since 2000. PR Emmanuelle Revelut joined them in 2011. And now the team has grown with talented presenters: DJ Mehdi Mendez, Singer and ‘Queen Kafe’ presenter Stephanie Denizard, and Event expert Vincent Hernandez.

Canadian-Haitian-Creole singer and radio presenter Stéphanie Denizard

French Canadian-Haitian-Creole singer & radio presenter Stéphanie Denizard

ForeverFrench is about music from French speaking countries, including Belgium, Switzerland, Africa, The French Caribbean, Quebec, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Madagascar and Reunion island. Naturally we play music produced in France some of which is in English, Arabic or Corsican and even the Celtic dialect of Brittany!

All of our presenters travel to France regularly so we have the opportunity of filtering the ‘wheat from the chaff’ thus presenting a program that is current, interesting and enjoyable. We tend to play music that is often not even played in France but is always music that we adore.

Our programs include : Serge Gainsbourg, Boris Vian, Juliette Greco, Henri Salvador, Gilbert Laffaille, Jacques Higelin, Jacques Dutronc  and quirky stuff like Bobby Lapointe, Nino Ferrer, Gerard Morel, Anais, Presque Oui, Rodolphe Burger, Philippe Poirier, Ben Mazue, Bertrand Belin, Bertrand Burgalat, Mathieu Boggaerts, C2C…

And of course French jazz : the Double Six, Claude Nougaro, The Voice Messengers, Michel Legrand, Richard Galliano, Mario Canonge.

Gabrielle Haumesser used to work for French Public radio. She also ran a nightclub which promoted interesting, new artists. She fell in love with 2JJ (forerunner of today’s 2JJJ) whilst holidaying in Sydney and later moved here permanently. She sees her program as a combination of her passion for music and Eastside FM.


Sandrine Charruyer comes from Bordeaux. She grew up with 2 artistic brothers and then music has always has been part of her life. She has a strong interest in films, spirituality and humanity and loves traveling. She lived in the French Caribbean and New Caledonia before moving to Australia. There she discovered Beguine and Zouk adding yet another style to her quite eclectic  tastes.

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Recent Episodes

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 16th August, 2017

Forever French - 12:00am Wednesday 16th August, 2017
Lauren Voulzy - Rockollection
Stromae - tous les memes
Zaz - Coeur Volant
Coeur de Pirate - Adieu
Alain souchon - Foule Sentimental
Alex Nevsky - Les pas de la danse
Saint andre - Comme un elephant
Joyce Jonathan - Je ne sais pas
Noir Desir - Le vent nous portera
Michel Berger - La groupie du Pianiste
Jean Jacques Goldman - Je te tonne
Soprano - Le diable ne s'habille plus en prada
Raphael - C'est bon aujourd'hui
RELEASE: Caravan
Anis et Oxmo puccino - Tout ira bien
RELEASE: Rodeo Boulevard
Serge Gainsbourg - Sea sex and Sun
Albin de la simone - Ces mots stupides
RELEASE: Je vais changer
Bob Sinclair - Voices
RELEASE: Africanism vol 3
Louise Attaque - Les nuits parisiennes
telephone - La bombe Humaine

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 9th August, 2017

Forever French - 12:00am Wednesday 9th August, 2017
Alys Robi - Tico Tico Watch Video
Lucille Dumont - Les feuilles mortes
Paul Piche - Heureux d'un printemps Watch Video
RELEASE: A qui appartient l'beau temps - LABEL: Audiogram
Robert Charlebois - Ordinaire Watch Video
RELEASE: Quebec Love
Chloe Sainte-Marie - Nimushum (Je sais que tu sais) Watch Video
RELEASE: Nitshisseniten e tshissenitamin - LABEL: Audiogram
Daniel belanger - Desespere Watch Video
RELEASE: Les insomniaques s'amusent - LABEL: Audiogram
Jean Leloup - I lost my baby
RELEASE: Le dome - LABEL: Audiogram
Lhasa De Sela - Decara A la Pased
RELEASE: La Llorona - LABEL: Audiogram
Ariane Moffatt - Je veux tout Watch Video
RELEASE: Tous les sens - LABEL: Audiogram
Karim Diouf - Aida
RELEASE: Adouna - LABEL: Audiogram
Coeur Vagabond - Coeur Vagabond
RELEASE: Bia - LABEL: Audiogram
Vox Sambou - O Haiti
Arcade Fire - Everything Now Watch Video
RELEASE: Everything Now
Amylie - Tout
RELEASE: Les eclats - LABEL: Audiogram
Bernhari - Toujours Toujours Watch Video
RELEASE: Ile Jesus - LABEL: Audiogram
Peter Peter - Bien réel Watch Video
RELEASE: Noir Éden - LABEL: Audiogram
Bran Van 3000 - Couch Surfer Watch Video
RELEASE: Greatest Hits - LABEL: Audiogram
Tiga - Pleasure from the bass Watch Video

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 2nd August, 2017

Forever French - 12:00am Wednesday 2nd August, 2017
camille bazbaz - tutto va bene
RELEASE: sur le bout d ela langue
rachid taha - bonjour
RELEASE: bonjour
damien saez - jeune et con
RELEASE: jour etrange
Serge gainsbourg - couleur cafe
RELEASE: de gainsbourg a gainsbarre
baster - Touzour La Po u
sindy - sans rancune
RELEASE: La Fouine
gael faure - on dirait l'island
RELEASE: De silences en bascules
20 chansons d'or - l'important c est la rose
RELEASE: gilbert becaud
nino ferrer - mirza
RELEASE: satane mirza
keren ann - le chien d'avant garde
RELEASE: not going anywhere
la caution - the a la menthe
regina spektor - apres moi
RELEASE: begin to hope
rene lacaille - international maloya
RELEASE: cordeon cameleon
edith piaf - la marseillaise
RELEASE: very best f piaf
fouxi - trop tards
RELEASE: les fleurs de fouxi
jacques higelin - ici c est l'enfer
RELEASE: amor doloroso
Angelique Kidjo - ice MF GRAYSON

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 26th July, 2017

Forever French - 12:00am Wednesday 26th July, 2017
Charles Trenet - Biguine A Bango
RELEASE: Y'a de la Joie
Jane Birkin - Jane B
RELEASE: Jane Birkin
Brigitte Fontaine - C'est pas de ma faute
Christine and the Queens - Paradis Perdus
RELEASE: .Chaleur Humaine
Carla Bruni - Keith & Anita
Guillaume Stankiewicz - Sans cesse et sans bruit
Deluxe featuring M - Baby that's you
Jacques Dutronc - Il est cinq heures Paris s'eveille
Katerine - Parlez vous anglais
Papooz - Ann Wants to Dance
Pauline Croze - Essa Moca Ta Differente feat Flavia Coelho
Amadou & Mariam - Je pense A toi
RELEASE: Je pense a toi
Soviet Supreme - French Romance
RELEASE: Soviet Supreme
General Elektriks - Whisper to me
RELEASE: General Elektriks
Mirwais Feat Madonna - Paradise
RELEASE: Mirwais
Justice - Safe and Sound
Chinese Man - Ordinary Man
Cerrone Bob Sinclar Remix - Give Me love

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 19th July, 2017

Forever French - 12:00am Wednesday 19th July, 2017
panam - t es belle
dominmique daslquant - temperance
RELEASE: temoperance
blundetto - voices
hindi zahara - to the forces
RELEASE: so french so chic 2016
michel legrand - i Love paris
RELEASE: la vie en rose
juliette greco - la rose et le reseda
RELEASE: les 50 plus belles chansons
selahseu - draggar ren bim bam boum
cyrille aimee abd natahlie dawn - suis moi
RELEASE: suis moi
Maissiat - avril
RELEASE: grand amour
beatrice martin aka coeur de pirate - mistral gagnant
Miles Davis - chez le photgraphe du motel
franck charruyer - Opened sky
RELEASE: badsnail electrogrooves
barcella - l'age d'or
RELEASE: charabia

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 12th July, 2017

Forever French - 12:00am Wednesday 12th July, 2017
bazbaz - tutto va bene
juliette armanet - l'amour en solitaire
davy sicards - au nom de mes peres
christine salem - krie
RELEASE: salem tradition
Stephane Mastromaetto - la verite du mensonge
RELEASE: la verite du message
canelle et morgane - interview
RELEASE: petit kiddo
zedba - tomber la chemise
davy sicards - papillon
RELEASE: cabar
daniel waro - gustave mon voisin
RELEASE: gafourn
pix'l - interlude
RELEASE: nouveau depart