Forever French

Wednesdays 8pm

Presented by Gabrielle Haumesser, Sandrine Charruyer, Emmanuelle Revelut, Mehdi Mendez, Vincent Hernandez, and Stéphanie Denizard

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Sandrine and Emmanuelle

Mehdi and Vincent



There has been a French show on Eastside Radio each Wednesday night continuously for 17 years.

Gabrielle & Sandrine started ForeverFrench as a musical program since 2000. PR Emmanuelle Revelut joined them in 2011. And now the team has grown with talented presenters: DJ Mehdi Mendez, Singer and ‘Queen Kafe’ presenter Stephanie Denizard, and Event expert Vincent Hernandez.

Canadian-Haitian-Creole singer and radio presenter Stéphanie Denizard

French Canadian-Haitian-Creole singer & radio presenter Stéphanie Denizard

ForeverFrench is about music from French speaking countries, including Belgium, Switzerland, Africa, The French Caribbean, Quebec, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Madagascar and Reunion island. Naturally we play music produced in France some of which is in English, Arabic or Corsican and even the Celtic dialect of Brittany!

All of our presenters travel to France regularly so we have the opportunity of filtering the ‘wheat from the chaff’ thus presenting a program that is current, interesting and enjoyable. We tend to play music that is often not even played in France but is always music that we adore.

Our programs include : Serge Gainsbourg, Boris Vian, Juliette Greco, Henri Salvador, Gilbert Laffaille, Jacques Higelin, Jacques Dutronc  and quirky stuff like Bobby Lapointe, Nino Ferrer, Gerard Morel, Anais, Presque Oui, Rodolphe Burger, Philippe Poirier, Ben Mazue, Bertrand Belin, Bertrand Burgalat, Mathieu Boggaerts, C2C…

And of course French jazz : the Double Six, Claude Nougaro, The Voice Messengers, Michel Legrand, Richard Galliano, Mario Canonge.

Gabrielle Haumesser used to work for French Public radio. She also ran a nightclub which promoted interesting, new artists. She fell in love with 2JJ (forerunner of today’s 2JJJ) whilst holidaying in Sydney and later moved here permanently. She sees her program as a combination of her passion for music and Eastside FM.


Sandrine Charruyer comes from Bordeaux. She grew up with 2 artistic brothers and then music has always has been part of her life. She has a strong interest in films, spirituality and humanity and loves traveling. She lived in the French Caribbean and New Caledonia before moving to Australia. There she discovered Beguine and Zouk adding yet another style to her quite eclectic  tastes.

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Recent Episodes

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 17th January, 2018

Forever French - 12:00am Wednesday 17th January, 2018
Michel Legrand - Marins, amis, amants ou maris Watch Video
RELEASE: Les Demoiselles de Rochefort
Jeanne Moreau - India song Watch Video
Serge Gainsbourg - Comic Strip Watch Video
Pascal Comelade - L'ete Indien Watch Video
RELEASE: L'equipe a Jojo, Les chansons de Joe Dassin
Juniore - Panique Watch Video
RELEASE: Panique Single
Francois & The Atlas Mountains - Apres Apres Watch Video
L.E.J - La Dalle
RELEASE: En attendant l'album
fefe - Dans ma rue Watch Video
RELEASE: So Frenchy So Chic 2011
General Elektriks - Whisper t Me Watch Video
RELEASE: General Elektriks
OrelSan - Basique Watch Video
RELEASE: La fete est finie
Bigflo & Oli - Dommage Watch Video
RELEASE: La vraie vie
M83 - Do it, Try It Watch Video
RELEASE: So Frenchy so Chic 2017
Kassav - Sonje Pse Watch Video
Tibz - Nation Watch Video
Jim Rama - Touloulou Watch Video
Vanessa Paradis - Love Song Watch Video
Mathieu Boogaerts - Ton Cauchear Watch Video
RELEASE: Mathieu Boogaerts
Zaza Fournier - La Vie A Deux Watch Video
RELEASE: Generations Francaises 7
Nicolas Godin - Bach Off (Orly Ouest Airport) Watch Video
Stromae - Bienvenue chez moi Watch Video

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 10th January, 2018

Forever French - 12:00am Wednesday 10th January, 2018
camille bazbaz - tutto va bene
alain bashung - j ecume
RELEASE: cimax
Eloise sablier - bleu amp 3
RELEASE: vertigo
rokia traore - bowmboi
RELEASE: bowmboi
vanessa paradis - il y a
RELEASE: il y a
chips - mes reperes
RELEASE: La Fouine
johnny hallidays - notre histoire
RELEASE: sang pour sang
france galle - poupee de cire , pouppee de son
manu chao - politique kills
RELEASE: La radiolina
pascal danae - tell me why
RELEASE: Mesk elil
the a la menthe - the a la menthe
RELEASE: la caution
angelo branduari - ce que sait le sherpa
RELEASE: la menace
air - sing sang song
RELEASE: love 2
sarah lazarue - morning
RELEASE: French Essentials
JP Nataf - viens me le dire
joris delacroix - black business
RELEASE: blackin business
joyeux urbains - Mon petit vieux
RELEASE: supersexy

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 3rd January, 2018

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 27th December, 2017

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 20th December, 2017

Forever French - 12:00am Wednesday 20th December, 2017
bazbaz - tutto va bene
johnny hallidays - l'idole des jeunes
RELEASE: coffret guitar
johnny hallydays - les larmes de gloires
RELEASE: sang pour sang
rokia traore - souba
RELEASE: beginners' guide to african blues
brigite - Ma Benz
RELEASE: Hotels Costes 14
adrienne pauly - vas y viens
RELEASE: adrienne pauly
angelo bruardi - ce que sait le sherpa
RELEASE: la menace
Florent Pagny - le present d 'abord
RELEASE: le present d'abord
jain - come
RELEASE: zanaka
renan luce - la lettre
RELEASE: repenti
Renaud - Mistral gagnant
RELEASE: mistral gagnant
la rue ketanou - la rue ketanou
RELEASE: en attendant les caravannes
Les Croquants - Accordeon
RELEASE: ca sent la biere
tryo - desolee pour hier soir
RELEASE: grain de sable
cali - elle m'a dit
RELEASE: l'amour parfait
louise attaque - viens je t'emmene
RELEASE: louise attaque
saez - jeune et con
RELEASE: jours etranges

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 13th December, 2017

Forever French - 12:00am Wednesday 13th December, 2017
camille bazbaz - tyutto va bene
Louis chedid - les absents ont toujours tords
RELEASE: botaniques et vieilles charrue
zaz - je veux
RELEASE: zaz 2010
mika - elle me dit
RELEASE: elle me dit
johnny halidays et amy keys - i who have nothing
brigitte - My benz
RELEASE: et vus tu m'aimes
fefe - interview december 2017
RELEASE: mauve
david haliday et laura pocini - come il sole all improviso
johnny haliday - san franscisco
RELEASE: anthologie
johnny haliday - allumez le feu
johnny halliday - mon plus noel
johnny haliday - non je ne regrette rien
RELEASE: 70 eme anniversaire