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by Tony Edwards
posted 21/09/2017

“24 Hours In Lapa” from Tamil Rogeon is Eastside Radio’s Album Of The Week (14-20 Sept)


“24 Hours In Lapa” from Tamil Rogeon is Eastside Radio’s Album Of The Week. The 12 track record is a bold and experimental fusion of world music, cinematic orchestral jazz, futuristic percussion and subtle electronic touches.

Rogeon, a Melbourne based musician and composer, travelled to Rio Di Janiero to record the percussion group of Tiago Loei, then returned home to compose the score, which was recorded with Orchestra Victoria. He then amassed a formidable array of vocalists including Heidi Vogel from Cinematic Orchestra, US MC Raashan Ahmad, crooner Bobby Valentine and Australia’s own Ella Thompson, among others.

This album, released under his own name, is just one of Rogeon’s musical channels, he also records with the RAah Project, Harvey Sutherland (widely celebrated in the Australian underground electronic music community), and is commissioned for other diverse projects. You can find more information on Rogeon’s projects here on his personal website.

“24 Hours In Lapa” is available on the independent Heard & Felt label out of Melbourne at We’ll be playing selections from this great record all week on Eastside Radio.

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