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Presented by Melanie Christodoulou

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Welcome to Take One, your weekly guide to what’s happening on Sydney’s live music scene. Each week we’ll take a look at who’s playing, where and when. We’ll feature great music from selected artists to help you decide who you want to see, be they jazz, soul, funk, rock, blues, electronic, world – plus the best of the rest.

We also bring you interviews with music industry pros, live engineers, promoters and, of course, performing musicians, as well as reviews and tips from a network of gig pigs and live music lovers all over Sydney.

Tune in every Friday between midday and 1:30pm for all you need to know about live music in Sydney.

Weekly gig guide posts can be found via FACEBOOK and TWITTER

If you’re performing in Sydney, or know someone who is, let us know at mel@eastsidefm.org. Send all gig info including venue, address, time and date and websites for tickets, as well as at least one mp3 of your music. As well, if you’d like to offer a giveaway for Eastside supporters, let us know – they’re always welcomed by our listeners.

Take One is presented by Melanie Christodoulou.

About Melanie:

Born in Sydney Australia, Melanie Christodoulou is a young Jazz, Blues, Soul and Pop artist. The vocalist began singing at the tender age of 10 in the school choir. She continued to foster her talent throughout her schooling years, having had the honour of learning from a number of multi-talented musicians such as singer/songwriter/pianist Di Solomon, pianist Adrian Lim-Klumpes (The Leaf Label/ Rufus Records, Triosk, Tangents, Three of Millions), singer/songwriter’s Lily Dior (AUS) and Elana Stone (All Our Exes Live In Texas).

Her performing experience includes being invited to sing as a featured artist in the 2012 School’s Spectacular broadcast to thousands via the ABC, as well as performing at the Australian Publishers Association 61st Annual Book Design Awards at the Powerhouse Museum, 2012 Reclaim the Night Cronulla and for the RSL with her group ‘The Mix of Lydians’ (2012-2015), as well as appearing at various local bar’s and markets throughout the year. Melanie has also worked with some of the best musicians Sydney has to offer including bassist Hannah James (AUS), guitarist Blain Cunnenn (The Baldwins, Blain and Courtney), pianist Wilbur Whitta (Wilbur Whitta Trio, Black Bird Hum), drummer Brendan Paul, as well as presenter and drummer Johan Rahman, bassist Renee King, saxophonist Zac Olsen.

2015 saw her assume both the Musical Director and a hosting position on one of Sydney’s premier arts and music community broadcasters, Eastside Radio 89.7FM. When she’s not checking out the latest music from both national and international artists within the Jazz, Soul, Blues, World, and Funk traditions, she’s on air presenting the best in live music coming up in and around Sydney. ‘Take One’ (www.eastsidefm.org/takeone), air’s every Friday from 1.30PM-3PM and not allows the artist to support Sydney’s live music scene, but also to go behind the acts tacking to these stage, having interviewed the likes of and Julian Curwin (Tango Saloon, Mango Saloon, Romeo Records), Ellen Kirkwood (Fat Yahoozah, Mister Ott, On the Stoop, Sirens Big Band) and most recently Sarah McKenzie (Impulse! Records).

Take One would also like to thank the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (AMRAP) for their financial assistance in making the show possible…

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Ft. Vince Jones and Melanie Christodoulou

Sarah Interview Shot

Ft. Melanie Christodoulou and Sarah McKenzie


ft. Melanie Christodoulou and Francesca Prihasti



ft. Stephanié Denizard (Queen Kafé), Nana Mouskouri, and Melanie Christodoulou



ft. Melanie Christodoulou and Ellen Kirkwood



Ft. Rafael Karlen, Melanie Christodoulou, Kristin Berardi, and Sean Foran


Recent Episodes

Take One - 01:30pm - Friday 24th March, 2017

Take One - 12:00am Friday 24th March, 2017
Divergence Jazz Orchestra - Ms Party Pants
RELEASE: Fake It Till you Make IT - LABEL: Independent
Daniel Susnjar - Rhythm Changes Peru
RELEASE: Moth To A Flame - LABEL: Independent
The Greasy Chicken Orchestra - That's A Plenty
Emma Pask - Samba da minha terra
RELEASE: Cosita Divina - LABEL: Independent
Blue Wednesday - The Sweet Alice
Jackie Brown JR - Saviongion bogan
Thunderfox - Ride
Reach Out - Jo Fabro
Ines - Silly Girl
Chich and the Soul Messengers - Wake Up
The Protesters - Soul of the Nation
RELEASE: Soul of the Nation - LABEL: Independent
The Protesters - District Six
RELEASE: Soul of the Nation - LABEL: Independent
The Protesters - Got Me
RELEASE: Soul Of The Nation - LABEL: Independant

Take One - 01:30pm - Friday 17th March, 2017

Take One - 12:00am Friday 17th March, 2017
01:36pm George Washingmachine and Julie 'Hara - Little White Lies
RELEASE: Paper Moon - LABEL: Newmarket Music
01:44pm Edith Piaf - La vie en rose
RELEASE: The Best 100th Anniversary - LABEL: Warner Music Australia
01:50pm Steve Barry - Unconscious-Lee
RELEASE: Steve Barry - LABEL: Jazzgroove
02:01pm Judy Bailey's Jazz Connection - New Orleans 2nd Line
02:11pm Tim Rollinson - Nitty Gritty
RELEASE: Nitty Gritty - LABEL: Independent
02:18pm Susan Gai Dowling - Ladybird
RELEASE: In Summer - LABEL: Q Studios
02:26pm Michael Griffin - Hotel Hollywood
RELEASE: Unexpected Greeting - LABEL: Indpendent
02:34pm Dale Barlow and Phil Slater - A Sunny Drive to Cabramatta
RELEASE: Solo -Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - LABEL: Screentime, Birdland Records

Take One - 01:30pm - Friday 10th March, 2017

Take One - 12:00am Friday 10th March, 2017
Bebel Gilberto - Nada Nao
RELEASE: tudo - LABEL: Portrait
The Catholics - Ah-Kh-Hah
RELEASE: Global Rhythms - Live 2010 - LABEL: Eastside Radio
Monsieur Camembert - I'm Your Man
RELEASE: Famous Blue Cheese- The Leonard Cohen Show - LABEL: Independent
Anna Salleh - Noites Cariocas
RELEASE: Gorgeous songs from Brazil & beyond - LABEL: Independant
Paris Combo - Profil
RELEASE: Tako Tsubo - LABEL: Ta-Dah Music
Tna Harrod - Sometimes
RELEASE: The Revolution is Eternal - LABEL: Vitamin Records
Clayton Doley - Starting Right Now
RELEASE: Bayou Billabong - LABEL: HiFi-Doley-T
Eugene Hideaway Bridges - End of Time
RELEASE: Hold On a Little Bit Longer - LABEL: Blue Armadillo

Take One - 01:30pm - Friday 3rd March, 2017

Take One - 12:00am Friday 3rd March, 2017
Athésia & The Gentlemen - Come Back To Me
RELEASE: Athesia - LABEL: Independent
Emma Pask - Cu Cu Cu Ru
RELEASE: Cosita Divina - LABEL: Independent
Sirens Big Band - Odd Time In Mali
RELEASE: Kali and the time of change
Eddie Bronson - Croissants Accordeons
RELEASE: Romance - LABEL: Independent
Michael Griffin - Almost Like Being in Love (feat. Dane Laborie, Chris Long, Brendan Clark, Tim Geldens & Briana Cowlishaw)
RELEASE: Unexpected Greeting - LABEL: ABC Jazz
Sean Mackenzie - Txai
RELEASE: Brasil - LABEL: Planetmuzic
Alfredo Rodríguez - Yemaya
RELEASE: Tocororo - LABEL: Mack Avenue Records II
Alfredo Rodríguez - Ay, Mamá Inés
RELEASE: Tocororo - LABEL: Mack Avenue Records II
Dan Barnett with guests Tricia Evy & Kelly Ottaway - They Can't Take That Away From Me
RELEASE: Walkin' Shoes - LABEL: Sony Studios
Lolo Lovina - Mas Taj Limunada (Bim Bam Bom)
RELEASE: RromAntics - LABEL: Independant
King Tide - Golden Crown
Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Vespa Ska
RELEASE: Sierra Kilo Alpha - LABEL: Four/Four
Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - S.O.B.
RELEASE: Best of Blues & Roots - LABEL: Universal Music/ ABC Music

Take One - 01:30pm - Friday 24th February, 2017

Take One - 12:00am Friday 24th February, 2017
Virna Sanzone - What's With You
RELEASE: Virna Sanzone - LABEL: Independent
Sonic Mayhem Orchestra - 02 Sunshines out
Mike Nock - The Duke
RELEASE: The Waiting Game - LABEL: Naxos Jazz
Lily Dior - Don't Mean A Thing
RELEASE: Let's Talk About It - LABEL: Independent
Chris Cody - I've Got Twelve
RELEASE: Chris Cody Coalition
Josue - Summertime
RELEASE: Bad News EP - LABEL: Independent
Jackie Brown Jr - Sauvignon Bogan
Alison Avron - By Your Side
Gang of Brothers - Get Up on ya Feet and Testify
The Lachy Doley Group - Stop Listening To The Blues
RELEASE: Lovelight - LABEL: Independent
Luke Escombe And The Corporation - Drink More Coffee
RELEASE: Creeper Vine - LABEL: Vienna People Studios
Chich & The Soul Messengers - Wake Up
RELEASE: Dirty Soul - LABEL: Independant

Take One - 01:30pm - Friday 17th February, 2017

Take One - 12:00am Friday 17th February, 2017
01:39pm John Leigh Calder - I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water
RELEASE: Steyne Alive! - LABEL: Phonebooth Records
01:46pm Frances Madden - Haunting Melody
RELEASE: Live At The Basement And Foundry616 - LABEL: Independent
01:54pm Galapagos Duck - Hindsight
RELEASE: Endangered Species - LABEL: ABC Jazz
02:02pm Belle Jar - Big Brothers
02:08pm Project Collective Ska - Ms Lulu
02:14pm The Cactus Channel - Fool's Gold
02:22pm Hannah James Trio - List Order
RELEASE: Triliphony - LABEL: Independent
02:29pm Kinsky - Night to Day
02:39pm Ann Vriend - In the Way
RELEASE: For the People in the Mean Time - LABEL: Independent/CD Baby
02:44pm Hucker Brown - Give Me a Reason
RELEASE: Hucker Brown - LABEL: Unsigned
02:51pm The Protesters - Soul Of The Nation
RELEASE: Soul Of The Nation - LABEL: Independant
02:56pm King Tide - Life Boat
RELEASE: Roots Pop Reggae - LABEL: Vitamin