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Presented by Melanie Christodoulou

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 12.52.09 AMWelcome to Take One, your weekly guide to what’s happening on Sydney’s live music scene. Each week we’ll take a look at who’s playing, where and when. We’ll feature great music from selected artists to help you decide who you want to see, be they jazz, soul, funk, rock, blues, electronic, world – plus the best of the rest. We also bring you interviews with music industry pros, live engineers, promoters and, of course, performing musicians, as well as reviews and tips from a network of gig pigs and live music lovers all over Sydney.

Previous guests include Julian Curwin (Tango Saloon, Mango Saloon, Romeo Records), Emily Wurramara, Ellen Kirkwood (Fat Yahoozah, Mister Ott, On the Stoop, Sirens Big Band) and most recently Sarah McKenzie (Impulse! Records).

Tune in every Friday between midday and 1:30pm for all you need to know about live music in Sydney. Weekly gig guide posts can be found via FACEBOOK and TWITTER

If you’re performing in Sydney, or know someone who is, let us know here at mel@eastsidefm.org. Send all gig info including venue, address, time and date and websites for tickets, as well as at least one mp3 of your music. As well, if you’d like to offer a giveaway for Eastside supporters, let us know – they’re always welcomed by our listeners.

For those looking to learn more about the artists behind the mic, check out our podcast!

About Melanie:

Born in Sydney Australia, Melanie Christodoulou is a young Jazz, Blues, Soul and Pop artist. The vocalist began singing at the tender age of 10 in the school choir. She continued to foster her talent throughout her schooling years, having had the honour of learning from a number of multi-talented musicians such as singer/songwriter/pianist Di Solomon, pianist Adrian Lim-Klumpes (The Leaf Label/ Rufus Records, Triosk, Tangents, Three of Millions), singer/songwriter’s Lily Dior (AUS) and Elana Stone (All Our Exes Live In Texas).

Her performing experience includes being invited to sing as a featured artist in the 2012 School’s Spectacular broadcast to thousands via the ABC, as well as performing at the Australian Publishers Association 61st Annual Book Design Awards at the Powerhouse Museum, 2012 Reclaim the Night Cronulla and for the RSL with her group ‘The Mix of Lydians’ (2012-2015), as well as appearing at various local bar’s and markets throughout the year. Melanie has also worked with some of the best musicians Sydney has to offer including bassist Hannah James (AUS), guitarist Blain Cunnenn (The Baldwins, Blain and Courtney, Julia Jacklin), pianist Wilbur Whitta (Wilbur Whitta Trio, Black Bird Hum), drummer Brendan Paul, as well as presenter and drummer Johan Rahman, bassist Renee King (Sydney Women’s Jazz Collective), saxophonist Zac Olsen.

2015 saw her assume both the Musical Director and a hosting position on one of Sydney’s premier arts and music community broadcasters, Eastside Radio 89.7FM.

Take One would also like to thank the Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (AMRAP) for their financial assistance in making the show possible…

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Recent Episodes

Take One - 01:30pm - Friday 15th September, 2017

Take One - 12:00am Friday 15th September, 2017
Alice Terry - Emotion
RELEASE: Global Rhythms 2017 - LABEL: Eastside Radio
Stride - No Drama
RELEASE: The Youth, The Rich & The Fake - LABEL: Arshift Music
Alphamama - Stranger in Asia (clean)
RELEASE: Global Rhythms 2017 - LABEL: Eastside Radio
Miriam Lieberman - Summertime Again
RELEASE: Global Rhythms 2016 Live - LABEL: Eastside Records
Frances Madden - 'Deed I Do
RELEASE: Live At The Basement And Foundry616 - LABEL: Independent
Sirens Big Band - Yekatit
RELEASE: Kali and the time of change
Baldwins - Dirty Sheets
RELEASE: Fear of Flying EP - LABEL: -
Baldwins - Baldwins Interview Part 1
RELEASE: Fear of Flying EP - LABEL: -
Baldwins - Apollo Earth
RELEASE: Fear of Flying EP - LABEL: -
Baldwins - Baldwins Interview Part 2
RELEASE: Fear of Flying EP - LABEL: -
Ines - Silly Girl
Divergence Jazz Orchestra - Fake It Until You Make It
RELEASE: Fake It Until You Make It

Take One - 01:30pm - Friday 8th September, 2017

Take One - 12:00am Friday 8th September, 2017
Susan Gai Dowling Band - That Tune
RELEASE: Rent Party - LABEL: Rufus Records
Simone Waddell - This Too Will Pass
RELEASE: Sur.ren.der - LABEL: Independant
Katie Noonan & Karin Schaupp - Desafinado
RELEASE: songs of the latin skies - LABEL: Kin Music
Alturas - Once Again... Milonga
RELEASE: Sin Palabras - LABEL: Independent
Michael Griffin - The Girl Who Called Me Sunsilk (feat. Dane Laborie, Chris Long, Brendan Clark & Tim Geldens)
RELEASE: Unexpected Greeting - LABEL: ABC Jazz
Michael Meaco - My Life is a Train
Michael Meaco - Heart on the Line
Hot Potato Band - Mystery Man
RELEASE: Paint the Town - LABEL: Independent
That Red Head - (Single) - Get in the Floor
RELEASE: Sydney International Womens Jazz Festival 2016 (Presented By SIMA) - LABEL: Various
Ten Part Invention - For Tea Two
RELEASE: Unidentified Spaces - LABEL: Rufus Records

Take One - 01:30pm - Friday 1st September, 2017

Take One - 12:00am Friday 1st September, 2017
Declan Kelly Presents Diesel n'Dub - Armistice Day (feat. Alex Lloyd)
RELEASE: Diesel n Dub - LABEL: Diaspora Music
Matt The Rumble Morrison - Are You Doin Me Wrong
RELEASE: Gemini - LABEL: Rumble Records
Hugo Race - I'm Going Upstairs
RELEASE: The Journey is Long - LABEL: Fuse Music Group
Matilda Abraham - Hidden Treasure
RELEASE: New Balloon - LABEL: Independent
Wallace ft. Crooked Letter - Diaspora
New Venusians - I Wanna
RELEASE: New Venusians - LABEL: Fresh Selects
Emma Pask - Samba Da Minha Terra
RELEASE: Cosita Divina - LABEL: Independent
Arrebato Ensemble - Tangos En Madrid (Tangos)
RELEASE: Absolucion - LABEL: Independent
Baby Et Lulu - C'est Le Top
RELEASE: Album Deux - LABEL: MGM Distribution
The Cooking club - Stor;in' through
RELEASE: Live - LABEL: Bandcamp
Dale Barlow - Just One Of Those Things
RELEASE: Jazz Juice - LABEL: Hipnotation Records

Take One - 01:30pm - Friday 25th August, 2017

Take One - 12:00am Friday 25th August, 2017
The Hannah James Trio - Six
RELEASE: Triliphony
Louis Stapelton - 13th Floor
RELEASE: Mirrors
Grey Wing Trio - Beautiful Insomnia
RELEASE: Amoroso
Kristin Berardi - Where Or When
RELEASE: Where or When - LABEL: ABC Jazz
Mike Nock and Rodger Manins - Can't We Be Friends?
RELEASE: Two-Out - LABEL: FWM Records
Dan Barnett with guests Tricia Evy & Kelly Ottaway - Walkin' Shoes
RELEASE: Walkin' Shoes - LABEL: Sony Studios
Darren Heinrich Trio - Cheek to Cheek
RELEASE: Darren Heinrich Trio
Clayton Doley - Starting Right Now
RELEASE: Bayou Billabong - LABEL: HiFi-Doley-T
Renee Geyer - Midnight Train to Georgia
Ines - A Place for Me
RELEASE: Postcolonial World - LABEL: Freedom Street Records

Take One - 01:30pm - Friday 18th August, 2017

Take One - 12:00am Friday 18th August, 2017
Sirens Big Band - I Still Remember
RELEASE: Kali and the time of change
Chris Cody - I Love Paris
RELEASE: Not My Lover - LABEL: Wave Music
Jamie Oehlers - The Burden Of Memory
RELEASE: The Burden Of Memory
Tim Rollinson - Gravity Waves
RELEASE: Nitty Gritty - LABEL: Independent
Lolo Lovina - Je Veux Un Donut
RELEASE: RromAntics - LABEL: Independant
Matilda Abraham - Hidden Treasure
RELEASE: New Balloon - LABEL: Independent
Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier - Throw Me A Lifeline
RELEASE: Everybodys Begging - LABEL: Independent
Tex Perkins - In My Room
RELEASE: The Journey is Long - LABEL: Fuse Music Group
Fiona Boyes - Old And Stiff
RELEASE: Professin The Blues - LABEL: Reference Recordings
Adam Miller - Shuffling Units
RELEASE: Shifting Units - LABEL: Independant
Garfish - Keegan The Pikey
RELEASE: Garfish Volume 1 - LABEL: Earshift Music
Pato Lara - Mi Negrita
RELEASE: Pato Lara