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Moodswing Playlist – Beatnik, Soul, Jazz, Folk Fusions

This Moodswing is venturing into soulful rare groove tunes from the 70s with gorgeous voices, beatnik sounds and exotic instrumentation and rhythm. Selected & presented by DJ Taline for Moodswing, Eastside Radio 89.7FM Read More

wonderul stories on arts thursday

            This week’s Arts Thursday with Maisy Stapleton brings three wonderful stories, with a focus on craft, design … Read More

Neer Korn on social trends 2014

On Arts Wednesday 17 December 2014, Neer Korn was Sylvia Rosenblum’s guest, talking about what what has been on our collective Australian mind in 2014. Listen to Part 1 of our conversation Press to hear Part 2 … Read More

Sonic Tales Season 4

Sonic Tales Season 4 Coming Sooner Than You Think Professional theatre has never sounded so good on radio, thanks to Eastside Radio 89.7FM. Now entering its fourth season Sonic Tales, Eastside FM’s radio plays, is increasingly valued by the best of … Read More

Arts Tuesday 16th December

Go to the Arts Tuesday page on our program guide and choose ‘Replay’ to hear the show. Filling in for Gaz and Di this week and next you get me – Anna Kamaralli. Read More

Arts Wednesday 17 December 2014

Anna Kamaralli joins me at 10:40 am for Part 4 of Shakespeare in Love, this week talking about courting love. My special guest at 11:00 am is social trends analyst, Neer Korn, who usually talks to us at this time … Read More

Meet Bruce and Chris

Meet Bruce and Chris. Bruce is a singer, blues harmonica player & saxophonist who has been involved in community radio since the 1970s. Bruce presents Jammin’ one of Eastside’s flagship shows. His Saturday morning shift … Read More

We’re Here to Share

Now you’ve met some of our presenters… At Eastside we have anything you could possibly want, if what you want is music you won’t hear on mainstream radio. And we have it whenever you want it. You can play any … Read More

Meet Gill and Derrick

Meet Gill and Derrick. Gill has been a lover and patron of jazz for decades. Be it swinging or laid back and cool, if it’s jazz Gill will know it, and if she likes it … Read More

Last Day of the Eastside Xmas Supporter Drive!

Welcome to the joy of being an Eastside supporter! Saturday 13 December is the last day to sign up to be in the Prize Draw. Eastside offers a combination of great jazz, independent music, local events … Read More

Support us to share the music

Sign up online or ring 02 9331 3000 Eastside Radio is proud of our commitment to supporting new and local artists creating non-mainstream music. Just one of the things we do to give new work the attention it … Read More

We’re here to share the good life

At Eastside Radio, we are in love with jazz music, but also with the other things that make up the good life. You just need to have a look at our gorgeous coffee machine to see that (thanks Coffee Roaster!). Read More

Damien Freeman on Art and Love

On Arts Wednesday 10 December 2014. Sylvia Rosenblum spoke to philosopher Damien Freeman about Art and Love. Listen to the three parts of the conversation as set out here: Press for Part 1 Press for Part 2 … Read More

Meet Stéph and Dan

Meet Stéphanie and Dan. Dan is one of the country’s most accomplished artists. Both a talented trombonist and a proficient singer, Dan has released numerous albums and been a regular and sought after performer on … Read More

Meet Emmanuelle, Benedicte and PJ

Meet Emmanuelle, Benedicte and PJ Emmanuelle and Benedicte are part of the team at Forever French. The show presents music from all around the French speaking world and is current and up to date with … Read More

Australian Blues Music Festival 2015

The very best of Australia’s blues music artists will be heading to Goulburn next year to celebrate it’s annual Australian Blues Music Festival in February 2015. The festival originated in Goulburn and each year showcases some of the best arising blues talent, … Read More

Michael Franti presents Soulshine Festival

Michael Franti is one those musicians often described in spiritual terms. And no wonder; here is a musician whose politics, spirituality and personal belief system is constantly expressed through his music and performances. Anyone who’s been to … Read More

We can give you a great night in, or a great night out

When you sign up as an Eastside supporter, you know you’re helping fill all our evenings and yours with great music. But also… You will receive a free pass from Palace Cinemas. And when you become … Read More

Arts Wednesday 10th December 2014

Today’s show is all about love! Anna Kamaralli joins me at about 10:40 am for Part 3 of Shakespeare in Love and this week we talk about family love in Shakespeare’s plays. My special guest at 11:00 am is Damien … Read More