Found Sounds Lost Horizons

Tuesdays MIDDAY

Presented by Trevor Brown & Ben Fink

As renowned musicians, Ben and Trevor draw inspiration from a broad range of music genres – jazz, blues, and world in its many flavours from the African continent to the Middle-East, India and beyond. Every Monday night Ben and Trevor meet in the Eastside studios to share with us their love of music.

Ben Fink
Ben Fink first came on the Sydney music scene back in the early 90’s with his band King Clam, a nine-piece soul ensemble. At the same time, he joined Voices from the Vacant Lot, a post traditional choir. By the late nineties, Ben had joined the then, little known Australian band, the Whitlams. Within a year, Ben was witness to the groups dramatic raise to the top winning three Aria Awards and a Mo award for best live band. After four years of non-stop touring with the Whitlams, both here and overseas, Ben decided to take on a solo career with his first Album, Origins. Ben’s also composed for feature films and stage productions since leaving the Whitlams, and has released his own album, Continue to Breathe Normally.

Trevor Brown is certainly the most experienced musician in Waiting for Guinness. As a young man, starting his career as a classical flautist, Trevor was soon performing as a soloist with various orchestras in both Australia and Europe. Trevor is also a phenomenal saxophone player, with a soprano tone reminiscent of the great Sydney Bechet, often combined with the mania of Eric Dolphy. Trevor’s musical tastes extend far beyond the jazz and classical worlds to include electronica (within which realm he shows great facility with sampling and loop media), beat poetry accompaniment and experimental noise. Trevor’s compositions have been performed in Europe and Australia. Trevor has also accompanied the acclaimed dijeridu player Mark Atkins. Besides performing on a regular basis, Trevor still finds time to co-ordinate and conduct music programs in juvenile detention centres around NSW.

Recent Episodes

Found Sounds Lost Horizons - 12:00pm - Tuesday 21st February, 2017

Found Sounds Lost Horizons - 12:00am Tuesday 21st February, 2017
bukovsky - bronte cafe
RELEASE: wanderlust
lily dior - let's talk about it
RELEASE: talk about it
Aoife O'Donovan - you turn me on, I'm a radio
lily dior - love's like a river
RELEASE: talk about it
nino rota - clowns
nautilus - star shephard + Armageddon
RELEASE: infra blue
james brown - cold sweat

Found Sounds Lost Horizons - 12:00pm - Tuesday 14th February, 2017

Found Sounds Lost Horizons - 12:00am Tuesday 14th February, 2017
stephan Micus - horses of nizami
RELEASE: desert poems
Shankar - Al's halucinations
tangents - jindabyne
RELEASE: stateless
tangents - along the forest floor
RELEASE: stateless
vakki plakkula - irregular ragga
stevie wonder and the clash - uptight mashup
RELEASE: you tube
nirvana rick astley - smells like rick Astley
RELEASE: you tube
don mc clasin - track 1
RELEASE: tiny desk concert

Found Sounds Lost Horizons - 12:00pm - Tuesday 7th February, 2017

Found Sounds Lost Horizons - 12:00am Tuesday 7th February, 2017
lolo lavina - je veux un donut
RELEASE: rromantics
bobby mcferrin - circle song 6
RELEASE: circle songs
arild andersen - cherry tree
RELEASE: molde concert
amina alaoui - hado + buscate en mi
RELEASE: arco iris
Ketil Bjornstad - night song + visitor
RELEASE: night song
lester flatt - dear old dixie
RELEASE: best of
davey graham - she moved through the bizarre
RELEASE: roots of led zeppelin
Savina Yannatou - lama bada Yatathana
RELEASE: tragoudia
sandy denny - next time around
RELEASE: best of
Rodriguez - inner city blues
RELEASE: best of
Brian eno - The Paw Paw Negro Blow Torch
RELEASE: live in london
tom waits - somewhere over the rainbow
RELEASE: tom waits
jimi hendrix - angel
RELEASE: live demo
Johnny Cash - peace in the valley
RELEASE: ring of fire
kaki king - Happy as a Dead Pig in the Sun
RELEASE: online track
Bernie McGann - blues for Jackie
RELEASE: wending

Found Sounds Lost Horizons - 12:00pm - Tuesday 31st January, 2017

Found Sounds Lost Horizons - 12:00am Tuesday 31st January, 2017
peaty wheat straw - police station blues
RELEASE: back to the crossroads
kokomo arnold - old original kokomo blues
RELEASE: back to the crossroads
feel the manouche - the moon has left town
RELEASE: the moon has left town
carole king - smack water jack
RELEASE: best of
fire mane - track 8
RELEASE: mama's home
emiliana torrini - when fever breaks
RELEASE: tookah
mister ott - heroic easy
RELEASE: single shot
andrew browne - salt and the sea
RELEASE: twisted roots
clayton frick - track 6
RELEASE: from the earth
moussa diakite - miniamba
RELEASE: doncomodja
the umbrellas - Rugiada sui ranocchi
RELEASE: bravo nino rota
wall of voodoo - mexican radio
RELEASE: best of
muddy waters - mojo working
RELEASE: live on tv

Found Sounds Lost Horizons - 12:00pm - Tuesday 24th January, 2017

Found Sounds Lost Horizons - 12:00pm - Tuesday 17th January, 2017