Forever French

Wednesdays 8pm

Presented by Gabrielle Haumesser, Sandrine Charruyer, Emmanuelle Revelut, Mehdi Mendez, Vincent Hernandez, and Stéphanie Denizard

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Sandrine and Emmanuelle

Mehdi and Vincent



There has been a French show on Eastside Radio each Wednesday night continuously for 17 years.

Gabrielle & Sandrine started ForeverFrench as a musical program since 2000. PR Emmanuelle Revelut joined them in 2011. And now the team has grown with talented presenters: DJ Mehdi Mendez, Singer and ‘Queen Kafe’ presenter Stephanie Denizard, and Event expert Vincent Hernandez.

Canadian-Haitian-Creole singer and radio presenter Stéphanie Denizard

French Canadian-Haitian-Creole singer & radio presenter Stéphanie Denizard

ForeverFrench is about music from French speaking countries, including Belgium, Switzerland, Africa, The French Caribbean, Quebec, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Madagascar and Reunion island. Naturally we play music produced in France some of which is in English, Arabic or Corsican and even the Celtic dialect of Brittany!

All of our presenters travel to France regularly so we have the opportunity of filtering the ‘wheat from the chaff’ thus presenting a program that is current, interesting and enjoyable. We tend to play music that is often not even played in France but is always music that we adore.

Our programs include : Serge Gainsbourg, Boris Vian, Juliette Greco, Henri Salvador, Gilbert Laffaille, Jacques Higelin, Jacques Dutronc  and quirky stuff like Bobby Lapointe, Nino Ferrer, Gerard Morel, Anais, Presque Oui, Rodolphe Burger, Philippe Poirier, Ben Mazue, Bertrand Belin, Bertrand Burgalat, Mathieu Boggaerts, C2C…

And of course French jazz : the Double Six, Claude Nougaro, The Voice Messengers, Michel Legrand, Richard Galliano, Mario Canonge.

Gabrielle Haumesser used to work for French Public radio. She also ran a nightclub which promoted interesting, new artists. She fell in love with 2JJ (forerunner of today’s 2JJJ) whilst holidaying in Sydney and later moved here permanently. She sees her program as a combination of her passion for music and Eastside FM.


Sandrine Charruyer comes from Bordeaux. She grew up with 2 artistic brothers and then music has always has been part of her life. She has a strong interest in films, spirituality and humanity and loves traveling. She lived in the French Caribbean and New Caledonia before moving to Australia. There she discovered Beguine and Zouk adding yet another style to her quite eclectic  tastes.

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Recent Episodes

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 18th October, 2017

Forever French - 12:00am Wednesday 18th October, 2017
tutto va bene - camille bazbaz
RELEASE: sur le bout de langue
barbara - l'aigle noir
RELEASE: ma plus belle histoire d'amour
deep forest - boheme
RELEASE: boheme
Melody Gardot - les etoiles
RELEASE: my one and only thrill
laurent voulzy - la madraque
RELEASE: la septieme vague
feloche - silbo
RELEASE: so french so chic
amadou et mariam - c est comme ca
RELEASE: Tje Ni Mousso
rene audry - la grande cascade
RELEASE: plaisir d'amour
juniore - marabout
baptiste giabiconi - nos jours meilleurs
RELEASE: un homme libre
baster - touzour la po ou
ben l'oncle soul - attends moi
RELEASE: a coup de reves
bernard lavillier - new york juillet
RELEASE: gentillome de fortune

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 11th October, 2017

Forever French - 12:00am Wednesday 11th October, 2017
camille baz baz - tutto va bene
RELEASE: sur le bout de la langue
essence ordinaire - tomber la chemise
RELEASE: zedba
living room - si mon amour
RELEASE: paris combo
le peuple de l'herbe - lion youth
LABEL: pathe
l'affaire luis trio - tout mais pas ca
RELEASE: chic planete
gotan project - diferente
RELEASE: lunatico
rupa & the april fishes - c est pas de l'amour
RELEASE: extraordinary rendition
RELEASE: Toutes directions
Arthur H - la femme ideale
RELEASE: Trouble tete
RELEASE: Entertainment
line renaud - toi ma petite folie
RELEASE: cafe de paris
comme un manouche sans guitar - je les veux toutes
RELEASE: echoes de France 2
sannseverino - les embouteillages
RELEASE: le tango des gens
alain bashung - j'ecume
RELEASE: osez josephine
ZAP MAMA - sabsylma (whats' your name)
RELEASE: sabsylma

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 4th October, 2017

Forever French - 12:00am Wednesday 4th October, 2017
Ofenback - Be mine
Gypsy Jazz Caravan - La vie en Rose
Tryo - Serre Moi
Rose - Sombre Con
Ofenbach - Katchi
Blues Trottoir - un soir de pluie
Patricia Kaas - Il me dit que je suis belle
Les Rita Mitsouko - Marcia Baila
Gregoire - Toi + moi
Daft Punk - I feel it coming
Louane - On etait beau
Celine Dion - Le ballet
Kid wise - Hope
Soprano - Millionnaire
Singuila - Retour de Flamme
Soprano - Barman
Vianney - Je te deteste
Julien dore - Coco Caline
Kenji girac - No me mires mas
Willy William - Love

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 27th September, 2017

Forever French - 12:00am Wednesday 27th September, 2017
claude morgan - le sherif qui danse
RELEASE: french disco
fridge coma - disco fridge francaise
RELEASE: disco fridge
the top orchestra - voyage en italie
RELEASE: le top francais
Gerard lenormand - la ballade des gens heureux
RELEASE: les indispensables
the french family - belle
RELEASE: casimodo
Alliance Ethnik - Simple and funky
RELEASE: funky
alain souchon - foule sentimental
RELEASE: foule
Marc lavoine - elle a les yeux revolver
RELEASE: l'essential
michel polnareff - la poupee qui fait non
RELEASE: love me please
maxime le forestier - san francisco
RELEASE: cd story
TONTON DAVID - chacun sa route
RELEASE: un indien dans la ville
claude francois - belinda
RELEASE: julin clerc les plus belle chanson
julien clerc - melissa
RELEASE: a rendez vous
claude barzotti - le rital
RELEASE: le rital
veronique sanson - chanson sur ma drole de vie
RELEASE: seul ou presque
variete francaise - tout le bonheur du monde
RELEASE: meilleur de la music
yannick noah - donne moi une vie
RELEASE: charango
patrick bruel - qui a le droit
RELEASE: seul ou presque
joe dassin - champs elysees
RELEASE: champs elysees
jacques brel - la valse a mille temps
RELEASE: 100 titres francais
Michel delpech - Pour un flirt
RELEASE: grans success

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 20th September, 2017

Forever French - 12:00am Wednesday 20th September, 2017
Melody Gardot - Once I was loved
RELEASE: Currency of Man
Julien Dore - Coco Caline
Kendji Girac - No Me Mires mas
Willy William - Love
Claudio Capeo - Le botaniste
Tal - Le passe
Lea Paci - Pour aller ou ?
Eugenie - Puis Danse
Star en Scene - Le blues du business man
Louane - Je vole
France Gall - resiste
Princess Erika - sur la route du Reggea
Tonton David - Sur Et Certain
Serge Gainsbourg - La Javanaise
Manu Chao - Me Gusta tu
Renaud - Morgane de Toi
Zaz - Coeur Volant
Laurent Voulzy - Rockcollection
Jean Jacques Goldman - Je te donne
Kate Ryan - Voyage Voyage

Forever French - 08:00pm - Wednesday 13th September, 2017

Forever French - 12:00am Wednesday 13th September, 2017
Damien Fleau - le depart
RELEASE: imaginary Dream
elephant - le tour du monde
RELEASE: touche coule
ladylike - bain de minuit
RELEASE: dans la matiere
joyce johnatan - je ne sais pas
RELEASE: sur mes garde
vianney - pas la
RELEASE: idees blanches
tal - a l'international
RELEASE: a l'infini
la femme - sur la planche
RELEASE: psycho tropical berlin
vianney - je m'en vais
RELEASE: vianney
les fines renards - on la verra venir
RELEASE: dedans dehors
marc fichel - apres toi
RELEASE: apres toi
l'imperatrice - sultans des iles
RELEASE: sequence
alexandre poulin - couleur primaires
RELEASE: les temps sauvages
polo & pan - coeur croise
RELEASE: caravelle
imagho - deja vu
RELEASE: soleil de tokyo
bengous - tie la famille
RELEASE: tie la famille
lea paci - adolescente
RELEASE: adolescente pirate
june the girl - emotional
RELEASE: june the girl
gauvain sers - pourvu
RELEASE: pourvu
jean jean roosevelt - y'a danger
RELEASE: y'a danger
mickey 3D - Rallonge tes reves
RELEASE: sebolavy
tibz - nation
RELEASE: nation