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Don’t know your Hollywood Blockbuster from your low budget Arthouse? Want to know if Interstellar is outta sight or outer space? Have to know if the latest The Hunger Games is worth playing? Need to know which film should take your hard earned dollars?


Cinemascape has your answers and more!


Cinemascape is your weekly guide to the movies. Whatever the genre, whoever the star, Cinemascape will pass judgement on three films each week. The Cinemascape team, a group of film fans from both sides of the silver screen, provoke passionate and informed discussion about every aspect of film. Our reviewers give a well rounded opinion that takes into account all tastes. One reviewer’s cinematic gold could be another’s celluloid nightmare.

Introducing the Cinemascape team….

David Michael Brown is a British ex-pat living in Sydney, Australia. He works as the Senior editor at Empire Magazine Australasia. He is presently researching a book on director and Andy Warhol associate Paul Morrissey and has conducted on stage Q&A’s for Popcorn Taxi and the A night of Horror film festival. A huge fan of the trashier side of cult films, his love of the movies of Russ Meyer, John Waters and Mario Bava shows no bounds: he proudly declares that Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! and Danger: Diabolik are his all time favorite films and meeting A Clockwork Orange star Malcolm McDowell was the biggest thrill of his professional career thus far.

Maren Smith enjoys making and consuming anything that moves and fits in rectangles with a variety of different aspect ratios, as well as many things that don’t. She’s a graduate from UTS with BA in Communications (Media Arts & Production) / BA in International Studies (German), and has completed an Honours year in Arts (Film Theory) at USyd. She currently works as a freelance film producer, director and assistant director. Maren is currently producing independent feature film One Less God. Maren’s words on the subject of film, art and other consumables can be found here – or twitter @marensmith

Laurent Auclair is a screenwriter and script editor and as his name suggests, he is French. But don’t take it against him, as he loves films from all over the world and one of his favourite films of all time is Australian! He enjoys genre films, especially Horror and Thrillers, but can also shed a tear for a good Rom Com. Complicated as French can be, he likes subtitles more than CGI, Indie films more than Blockbusters, and cheese more than Vegemite.
Hugh Nicholas has been involved in the arts in some way or another from an early age. He currently presents Take One on Eastside Radio as well as Cinemascape. Film-based pursuits have involved (brief) university film studies, creation of a short film showcase event in Sweden and working for international documentary club Doc Lounge.

Clive Hopkins is a screenwriter and journalist, who enjoys the films of Michael Mann, Jacques Tourneur and every second film by the Coen brothers. He once attended the same party as Thandie Newton (who’s really small) and stood on a red carpet next to Val Kilmer (who’s really tall). Every year, he looks up Thundercrack! on the internet, to confirm that it really is a film, rather than the product of his own fevered imagination.

Eoin O’Sullivan has been a producer and presenter at Eastside FM for the past 2 years. When he isn’t working in radio, he’s working on finding the greatest movie of all time. The search has taken him far and wide, from the work of Akira Kurosawa to Luc Besson (not counting “Lucy”) and back again. Eoin has tried his hand at screen writing and even acting but has decided to leave that to the professionals. He now enjoys watching their work and casting his critical eye over it instead.

Amber Virtue is movie obsessed. She watches everything and is more often in the cinema then anywhere else. Her favourite films are anything paranormal, super natural or just down right thrilling! She is an actor / TV presenter, well known for her work on the Disney Channel Austral-Asia, hosting Studio D for 4 years. During Amber’s time on Studio D she was nominated for an Astra Award for most popular presenter on Australian Television. Studio D was nominated several times for Logie Awards for most popular children’s program. Amber also lends her hand to script writing, short film making and teaching performing arts across Sydney. Her favourite film of all time is the Never Ending Story.

Nina Drakalovic

Dave Guzman

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