Wednesday Drive

Wednesdays 4PM

Presented by Eric Gyors

Eric GyorsGrab a coffee & strap yourself in safely, then get ready for a fast & furious session !

We regularly talk to local, state & federal politicians (ministers & backbenchers) & quiz them relentlessly about things that we think you might want to know (what the hell, we want to know too!). Also expect to find interesting & leading edge interviewees, including ‘business heavies’, social commentators, expert academics, visiting musicians, authors & the occasional harmless individual (who we invariably treat with kindness & compassion). And if that doesn’t float your boat then perhaps the regular contributions we get from some of the nations most respected journalists should do the trick.

We would love to share the airwaves with you, so join us on Wednesday’s between 4 & 6pm – we also welcome any and all of your comments and contributions (please be kind, we’re all really softies at heart).

See you on air…….(better make that, ‘talk to you on air’)

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Recent Episodes

Wednesday Drive - 04:00pm - Wednesday 13th December, 2017

Wednesday Drive - 12:00am Wednesday 13th December, 2017
04:04pm Bela Fleck andThe Flecktones - No.5
04:14pm James Morrison - What A Fool Believes
RELEASE: Feels like spring
04:22pm Walter Trout - Mr Davis
RELEASE: We're all in this together
04:28pm Interview - David Shoebridge MLC
04:45pm Rickie Lee Jones - Chuck e Is in love
04:49pm The Catholics - Twenty Seven
RELEASE: Bare foot
05:03pm Stevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Im yours)
05:04pm Shadow minister for Health Interview - Catherine King MP
05:15pm Maceo Parker - Tell me something good
05:21pm Stevie Wonder - Superstition
05:23pm Interview - Elaine Keenan Greens Councillor
05:42pm Interview - Malcolm Farr Journalist

Wednesday Drive - 04:00pm - Wednesday 6th December, 2017

Wednesday Drive - 12:00am Wednesday 6th December, 2017
04:06pm Rickie Lee Jones - Somethings Happening Here
04:09pm Interview - John Killick Author
04:30pm Eric Clapton - Forever Man
RELEASE: Forever Man
04:33pm Crytocurrencey - Dr Pip Ryan Interview
05:28pm Musician - Martin Taylor Interview
05:38pm Mucho Mumbo - Organico
RELEASE: Organico
05:45pm Interview - Councillor Craig Chung

Wednesday Drive - 04:00pm - Wednesday 29th November, 2017

Wednesday Drive - 12:00am Wednesday 29th November, 2017
04:06pm SSM - Tiernan Brady Interview
04:16pm Baylor Fleck and the Flecktones - No.5
RELEASE: Greatest Hits
04:27pm Pain - Assc Professor James McAuley Interview
04:45pm Wanderlust - Pressure makes diamonds
04:47pm PODCAST - How Much Do You Know
04:59pm Interview - Kristen Olsen
05:04pm Kristina Olsen - Maybe Better- Live
05:09pm Kristina Olsen - In Your Darkened Room-Live
05:14pm Kristina Olsen - Quiet Blue- Live
05:26pm Kawehi - Fight Song
05:29pm Youtube sensation! - Kawehi Interview
05:35pm Kawehi - Closer
05:45pm Canberra Wrap up - Malcolm Farr Journalist

Wednesday Drive - 04:00pm - Wednesday 22nd November, 2017

Wednesday Drive - 12:00am Wednesday 22nd November, 2017
Jeff Beck And Stanley Clarke - All Hell Broke Loose
RELEASE: Come In Red Dog This Is Tango Leader
Interview - Mehreen Faruqi Greens MLC
B.B King - How Blue Can You Get
Rickie Lee Jones - Easy Money
B.B King and Eric Clapton - Hold On I'm Comin'
The General Assembly - Cape Grim
RELEASE: Vanishing Point
The General Assmebly - Matt Wickins Interview
The General Assembly - Wild Child
RELEASE: Vansishing point
CEO Domestic violence NSW - Moo Baulch Interview
Joss Stone - Free Me
Interview - Philip Ruddock Mayor Of Hornsby

Wednesday Drive - 04:00pm - Wednesday 15th November, 2017

Wednesday Drive - 12:00am Wednesday 15th November, 2017
04:02pm Trombone Shorty - It Ain't No Use
RELEASE: Parking Lot Symphony - LABEL: Blue Note Records
04:07pm Catherine Traicos - Tide
RELEASE: Luminaire
04:12pm Harvey - You Never Know
RELEASE: Honey - LABEL: Harvey
04:16pm Plan B - I Know A Song
RELEASE: The Defamation Of Strickland Banks
04:49pm Jamiroquai - We're Too Young To Die
05:06pm Gil Scott-Heron - Home is where the hatred is
05:08pm The Teptations - Aint too proud to beg
05:17pm Plan B - Love Goes Dwon
05:18pm Ross McHenry - Those Lost Days
RELEASE: The Outsiders - LABEL: First Word
05:27pm Catherine Traicos - Crashing
RELEASE: Luminaire
05:35pm Catherine Traicos - Bitter Blues
RELEASE: Luminaire
05:45pm Fred Smith - Little Jimmy Boy
05:55pm Bobby Womak - California Dreamin

Wednesday Drive - 04:00pm - Wednesday 8th November, 2017

Wednesday Drive - 12:00am Wednesday 8th November, 2017
04:02pm Wyton Kelly Trio - Escapade
04:15pm Interview - Lee Rhiannon NSW Senator
04:33pm Interview - Richard Walsh Community Organiser
04:36pm Rickie lee Jones - Chuck e and love
04:39pm Interview - Matt Thistlthwaite MP
04:53pm Supersonic blues machine - Whats wrong
RELEASE: Californisoul
04:57pm Interview - Fabio Grossi (supersonic blues machine)
05:20pm Supersonic blues machine - Bad Boys
RELEASE: Californisoul
05:21pm Interview - Alex Greenwich MP
05:36pm Wild Rice - Funky
05:40pm Interview - Malcolm Farr Journlist