Vibez Brasil

Tuesdays 9.30PM

Presented by Rapha Brasil

Whose fault is it?

Everything is always Rapha’s fault.

That’s a ground rule here at Vibez Brazil.

Rapha, born Raphael Ramires Brasil (yes, lades and gentlemen, his surname really is: Brasil), is probably responsible for most of anything good we care to mention here at Vibez.

Yes, he is the selector of amazing tracks, keeper of grassroots knowledge on Brazilian musicalia, social lightning rod,  the unifier of scattered tribes of Brazilians, lost along the great Sydney coastline.

Me? I just work here… but my voice is deep and sexy… so they let me talk on air.

Be warned then: This is the Vibez Brazil blog, which I’m baptizing right now as Viblogz… which you pronounce: Vy-blogz….or maybe not…but that’s not what matters right now…What matters is that this is what we’ll use to internet you about the gigs, concerts, festivals, film fests, exhibitions, fashions shows, parties, bbqs, bar mitzvahs, and other various social gatherings we either organize or support.

We do heaps, and we’re really proud 🙂

Check in on Tuesdays from 9pm if you’re around.

And read our latest posts

Oh, this is us, in case you were wondering

Have a good one, y’all.

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The Soul Session - Wish The Beat To Never Stop (featuring Omar)
Vektroid - We Need To Talk
Jackson Do Pandeiro - Sebastiana
Jazz Spastiks - Yoga Sutra (Quietness of Mind)
Banda Black Rio - Magia (Faze Action Horny Mix)
Gil Felix - Capoeira (Gil Felix vs Infrared)
Kapote - Get Down Brother
Joe Armon - Jones & Maxwell Owin - Midnite Oil (Sparkzzz)
Vincent Floyd - Moonlight Fantasy
Kim English - Learn 2 Luv (Mood II Swing club version)
Sonia Rosa & Yuji Ohno - Casa Forte
O Riheta - Pra Mateuz Poder Dancar
Donae'o - Party Hard
Pete Cannon Meets Ghost Writerz - Safe No More
Marcus Intalex - Astro Dance
A-Sides & Makoto - Searchin' (DJ Marky Remix)

Vibez Brasil - 09:30pm - Tuesday 7th November, 2017