Mondays 11PM – this show ended in September 2018

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Presented by Jack Newman

Untapped is a program focused on the local Sydney music scene, specifically around musicians who aren’t big. I tend to play music that is in the vague area of grassroots blues, SKA, acoustic, fusion – although I am by no means close minded! If you do have a suggestion call me up and let me know what you want to hear.

My favourite segments are when I talk to local musicians who are kind enough to come into the studio to talk about themselves. You’ll find that hearing from the people behind the sound puts a different smell on it, and makes you appreciate it in a different way.

I put up the podcast every week, so if you miss it then you can catch up any time you like.

Much love to you all, and if you ever want to have a chat, give me some feedback or have a whine, chuck me an email at jack.hb.newman@gmail.com.