Unbroken Circle

Tuesdays 3:00pm

Presented by Mark Sutton

The Unbroken Circle is focused on a historic view of country music, looking at important developments and significant artists. We also explore mainstream artists who have recorded selected country songs and country artists which have given much to popular music, jazz and blues.

The show introduces specialist themes around aspects of country music – Bluegrass, Western Swing, Honkytonk, Cajun, Rockabilly and more.  It’s all about the history and artists who are faithful to the origins of country and interested in extending its boundaries.

The aim of The Unbroken Circle is to make country music accessible to more people by exploring its history and how it relates to other musical, and at some of its oddities and interesting and hidden corners.

We will draw on the heritage of famous artists to whom country music is a significant influence, such as the Bob Dylan, Ray Charles and Van Morrison – to name a few.  We explore the importance of radio to country and country to radio, and at the Grand Ole Opry, which made country music famous!

Get in touch: unbrokencircle@eastsidefm.org