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Armchair Traveller

by reception
posted 29/07/2011

Twisted Sydney on Armchair Traveller – August 17, 2011

Coming up on Armchair Traveller …August 17, 2011…6pm – 6.30pm Podcast here

Image by Dusk Devi Gold

Image by Dusk Devi Gold

View more images thanks to Dusk Devi Gold here.

Audience of Anything Goes Cabaret…hear what they had to say!!!

Have you ever seen a ghost?How about a ghost that’s actually a women playing a man that’s playing a women?Speaking with The Blue Angel, the MC of Anything Goes Cabaret, I was invited to explore the posibilities of Sydney’s dark and twisted side.

Within the walls of Darlinghurst’s Supper Club, I was  introduced to a world that’s weird – in a most glorious and decadent way.

Through acts of song, drag, burlesque and acrobatics, my mind was lifted to question what is normal – what is real?

In the last three versions of the Anything Goes Cabaret series I have seen a guenuine and loyal following of the variety show- and that variety extends to the audience; many of whom use the event to dress up – inspired by the darkness!

A platform for both established and emerging artists with unique acts – Venus Vamp’s vision has become more polished over time – with less amateur acts sneaking through.

The last show proved to have a line up of talented artists – nerves seemed to strike only during the openning act (holding back powerful vocals, released only as the artist let go) – something that this reporter with multiple hats can understand – especially with performances as edgey and risque as what is on offer at Anything Goes Cabaret!

You can hear from Venus Vamp, producer and star of Anything Goes Cabaret – on Armchair Traveller – August 17th, 2011. You’ll find she’s a passionate and inspiring artist with a leaning to the darkly beautiful side of theatre.

If you desire to explore the darkness – lead gently by a friendly tap dancing ghost, you can experience Anything Goes Cabaret at Sydney Fringe Festival 2011.

Details here.

Image by Dusk Devi Gold

Image by Dusk Devi Gold

More images from the Asia Pacific Pole dance Championships can be seen here – thanks to Dusk Devi Gold.

ASIA PACIFIC POLE DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS So, have you twisted yourself around a pole lately?If you have, you would know, and appreciate just how challenging it is – not a sport for soft skinned weaklings.However, I bet you didn’thear about the ASIA PACIFIC POLE DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS in the the sports-report?

Strangely pole dance, and this international event in partucilar, still don’t get the credit deserved -that’s according to this reporter who witnessed first hand the power, skill and work that goes into it.

Even putting together an international event of this calibre takes alot of effort, skill and collaboration.

This event met my expectations – plus blew them away.

Hear more on Armchair Traveller – August 17, 2011 – between 6pm and 6.30pm.

Matthew  Shields (of Australia’s Got Talent stardom) and ‘Shimmy’ – owner and teacher at Pole Dance Academy will share just how much effort and determination goes into their dance sport.

Cirque du Soleil's - Saltimbanco

Cirque du Soleil's - Saltimbanco

Cirque du Soleil – Saltimbanco
The Amazing Cirque du Soleil is back in Sydney until August 13th – you can see it now!Armchair Traveller was invited to the opening of Saltimbanco– the show which started Australia’s love affair with the grand production company, many years ago.Myself and Photographer Dusk Devi Gold (*sans camera) were taken to a world of wonderment!

Known, appreciated and respected for having world class acts (trapeze, aerial, acrobatics, mime, jugglers, etc) – some of which have been scouted from events such as the above mentioned Asia Pacific Pole Dance Championships – the performances were second-to-none.

The show was an avenue for mid-week escape – taking us to a colourful world of play and fun, but, like a dream, it jumped between sequences. At some points throughout the show, acts made no sense to the overall theme – though still a most enjoyable ride.

The name Saltimbanco – from the Italian “saltare in banco” (to jump on a bench) – may explain the jumping, live opera and ‘made-up’ language based on Italiano – but still I wondered; why the colourful yet entertaining lizards, or the wierd but magical wizards?

Perhaps it makes sense to the artists and producers familiar with the origins of circus arts, but for the average punter – I’d imagine it would be hard to put into context – as this production blurs lines between circus, dance and theatre.

However, with live music and perfect performances, it was without a doubt, mesmerising and worth the look.

Not my favourite Cirque du Soleil show – their productions over time have grown in depth and diversity – (this was a return to its beginnings) – but if it had been the only option, I would have given a lung to see this – or anything that the company presents – a factor I think they must be banking on when proposing such high ticket prices in this fragile financial climate.

$150 will get you a ‘premium’ adult ticket.

For the ultimate ‘Cirque experience’ you can pay $325 to feel like a VIP with Tapis Rouge! Oohlala!

However, if you are on a budget, you can select a basic adult ticket from between $69-$119,   Children (2-12 years): $55-$95.

For more visit: www.cirquedusoleil.com/saltimbanco