The Vault

Wednesdays 9am

Presented by Peter Old

Ever wondered who inspired Miles Davis? How a chance meeting with Quincy Jones set Ray Charles on a path to musical greatness or how did Muddy Waters get his nickname, “Muddy”? 

Every Tuesday night the Vault opens up a treasure trove of music and music history focusing on a specific artist each week. 

We’ll explore the wonderful world of music across a wide range of genres including Jazz, Blues, R&B, Blues-rock, Soul, Reggae, Country, Rockabilly, and anything else that comes along. 

We’ll explore the artists formative musical years and gain an understanding about who influenced and inspired them on their path to musical greatness. 

We’ll journey through the artists career listening to their music and you’ll possibly hear rare, musical gems unearthed from the vault which have not received a lot of radio time. 

We’ll also listen to the artists collaborations with other musicians, interpretations of their music and new music by artists who were inspired by them. 

So, join me every Tuesday night and enjoy a musical adventure through ages. Hear great music, maybe something new, pick up interesting information about the artists and others who followed and become inspired to seek out new music for your library.