The Midnight Special

This program ended in March 2018

All Aboard!

Have you ever thought that the Eastern Suburbs needs a train line?

Every Sunday night take a ride with Noah on the Midnight Special. Hop on, sit back, and listen to Noah guide you through a diverse landscape of music. As we depart the station, listen closely for our final destination announcement. Then relax and observe the scenery as Noah skillfully lays down track after track.

The Midnight Special is a traditional American country blues song and passenger train of the same name. Artists such as Lead Belly, Creedence Clearwater Revisited, Harry Belafonte, and The Beatles have all sung about it’s ever-lovin’ light of salvation, and now Noah will tap into that same light of musical tradition. This train metaphor allows music to be viewed through a lens of degrees of separation, where different train stations will be linked through theme, location, artist, lyricism, historical setting, and more.  

Despite the Midnight Special’s roots in country blues the show will highlight music from a wide range of genres all around the world such as Electric Blues, Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, Soul, Folk, Americana, Punk, and more.

Have any suggestions for two songs that need a train line between them?

Send them to: