The Last Waltz

Tuesdays 1:30PM

Presented by Cathy Kirkpatrick

Cathy Kirkpatrick brings you tales tall and true, fabulous classics, forgotten memories and new tunes from Sydney and beyond, usually wrapped around a weekly theme.  Past themes include : The Sea, Hope, Love Gone Wrong, Weather, Dreams, War, Moments, Animals, Nobody’s Fault But Mine, Vegetables, Letters, Kids, Fame, Welcoming the Stranger, Coffee and Cigarettes, and Home.

“THE LAST WALTZ” is named after The Band’s iconic final concert documentary which featured folk/rock royalty – Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Ringo Starr and Van Morrison. The show celebrates folk music and all that comes under it’s umbrella: folk, alt-country, singer-songwriter and more.

Born and bred in Sydney, Cathy has been slouching around the festival and live gig  scene for more years than she can clearly remember.  Previous incarnations as graphic designer, meat packer and youth worker prepared her for life as a music manager and booking agent.  A lover of fish and dogs, coffee and interesting beer, her hat and feathers can be seen at a venue near you.  Her passion for music and musicians is palpable.  Join her on Tuesday afternoons, for an intimate hour and a half of songs that make our hearts beat faster.

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