The Last Resort

Sundays 11pm-12:30am
With Ross Purdie
If Monday morning is your arch nemesis then we spy the anti-hero. A blissed out bastion of groove-led escapism, The Last Resort is a final opportunity to press pause on the weekend and indulge in a lounge party like only Sunday knows.

Join no-surrender monkey Ross Purdie on his one-love crusade to keep the impending week at bay, with a gutsy feast of funk, soul, jazz, disco, reggae, roots, and anything else smelling suggestively of good times.

Handpicked each week from the vinyl vaults of mis-spent youth, rare treasures are blended with singalong shanties and unexpected gems, alongside regular features such as the new day rising, the funk-soul cover and Ross’ notorious early morning guilty pleasure.

Evoking a tropical island vibe from a simpler time and space, The Last Resort is a heady blend of music to get lost in. The drinks are free, the sand is warm and there is no such thing as tomorrow.

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