The Cut

Tuesdays 9:30pm – THIS SHOW ENDED 2 NOVEMBER 2021

Presented by The Wicked Bandit

The evolution of the hip-hop culture began as a movement of the disgruntled, marginalised youth of African-American communities in the South Bronx of NYC in the late 70’s; where the Dj re-appropriated and re-purposed popular tracks into looped breaks and beats for MC’s to toast and bust rhymes over. Since then, the genre has exploded into a world-wide movement of freedom, expression and a representation of all who feel a slight injustice of basic rights and freedoms granted to the selected groups of society that fit the quota of what’s acceptable, appropriate or deemed socially appealing. 

The Cut emerged as a metaphorical and collective space for all those who don’t fit the mould – a place for one to escape to, hide in, and get away from the structures and formalities of this sick, sad world, where hip-hop is explored, celebrated and presented as the genre-bending, intelligent artistic form that it is; a genre that beautifully integrates literature and music together to create a magical realm of rhyme and rhythm, used to share stories of some of the most raw and radical kinds. 

The Wicked Bandit aims to bring to the forefront the truth of this artistry and to reclaim its space, that’s been lost due to the controversial and explicit nature of it’s subject content. Whether it’s rude, violent, aggressive, or offensive – it’s still art, it’s still someones story, and as humans living in a time of unrest, unjustness and increasing uncertainty, it’s more important than ever for this sort of expression to have a place…  AND THAT SPACE IS HERE!