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The Masai Mara has it all…

How’s this for a meet and greet at the airport?  Red dirt airstrip, little Cessnas landing like mosquitoes and the local Masai (clad in less traditional and more functional -but still red- garments) are out in force directing operations. This is AFRICA with capital letters through and through. I’m headed for Little Governor’s Camp, a 17 tent enclave in the middle of the Masai Mara. Intimate, comfortable and classy without over the top luxury. The tents are raised on wooden platforms in a semicircle facing a watering hole. Animals are all around. At night, we are told not to venture out alone. We have to flash our torch (provided) and a guard comes to escort you to the dining tent or wherever. Hippos roam the campgrounds at night and if startled may charge. We hear them rustling around our tents. One night I leave the dinner table for a visit to the ladies and lo and behold there is a giraffe there, near the entrance. All I can see is its legs and body, the head is lost in the thick canopy above. I nearly have to go under its legs to get into the tented facilities. Thank goodness our tents have private en suites!

At Little governor’s Camp, there are three daily game drives and they are all different as different times of day see different types of animals out in force. www.magicalkenya.com

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