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Armchair Traveller

by reception
posted 20/08/2011

Jurassic Lounge with Armchair Traveller – A Study: Adults at Play

Image by Dusk Devi Gold

The day: Tuesday.

Men and women are observed scampering from tall, steel buildings all across the city landscape to a stone age edifice, the home of Jurassic Lounge – the sexy alter ego of The Australian Museum.

Romantic lighting drapes its interior as piped tunes set a sultry sound-scape, in this, the oldest museum in Australia. Magically these elements affect the inhabitants, soothing them from their work mode.

I, an anthropologist also known as a journalist, enter the space. I commence my study of the human species; struck by the high level of attractive and seemingly intelligent people present.

Amongst archives, artefacts and dinosaur bones they, the humans, converse, interact, think and play.

It’s inspiring to observe; in a place full of old things, the adults of the species enjoy activities and indulge in the type of childlike behaviour known as fun. They do this without fear of judgement but with the added benefits of adulthood awareness and learning.

They refresh themselves at the modern day watering hole better known as a bar. From there they move about, beginning the slow dance of socialisation.

In one area sit clusters of small groups of 18 – 25 year olds of this human variety, stacking blocks which, when they fall, instead of upsetting them – give great pleasure!

Image by Dusk Devi Gold

In another area of this social savanna, hunters and gathers nestle in the atrium. A brightly presented female, dances, prances, swings and zings in front of them, demonstrating the exclusive practise of burlesque. She removes her layers with confidence and displays herself bare. The dance stimulates those watching – but once over, they disperse and the search for amusement and knowledge finds them in a theatre displaying National Geographic documentaries.

Clearly a very highly developed genus at this – the Jurassic Lounge.

Hear from them here: Jurassic Lounge Voice of the People


Image by Dusk Devi Gold


Dates: Tuesday nights til September 20 2011

Location: Jurassic Lounge – Australian Museum – 6 College Street Sydney

Time: 5.30pm – 9.30pm

Tickets: $15 at the door

Includes an alcoholic beverage and Time Out Magazine

For more information and weekly line-up, check out www.jurassiclounge.com


Meagan Fitton: co-author, interviewer, presenter/producer [find on Twitter #AlohaCreative]
Dusk Devi Gold: co-author, photographer



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