by limk
posted 13/08/2012

Something Else 9th August – Julian Day

This week we caught up with renowned Sydney sound artist Julian Day. Julian is the director of An Infinity Room, a synth sound art collective, and co-directs Super Critical Mass, a group which creates space and sound installations.

An Infinity Room creates sonic installations which explore the relationships between sound and space. Using synthesisers and electric keyboards, A.I.R develops physically simple yet musically complex work through the exploitation of stereo dissonance. Below is a video compilation of images from An Infinity Room’s work set to their sound piece, Ceremony.

An Infinity Room video

And here are some photos from their latest exhibition

Julian’s other sound art group is Super Critical Mass where he co-directs site specific sound installations. It is a sonic arts company that brings together ‘masses’ of musicians playing identical instruments, spatialised within public places.

Below is a video of their 2008 installation at Carriageworks.

Super Critical Mass – Carriageworks ’08

Check out the podcast to hear our discussion with Julian about his projects and his thoughts on the capacity for galleries to exhibit audio work.

Joel & Rhys

The podcast can be downloaded by copying and pasting this link into your iTunes Advanced Podcast Subscription search bar.

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