Pulpit Rock

In Season 2 of Sonic Tales we launch with our Captain’s Pick, as producer Gill Falson and Tegan Nicholls share Gina Schien’s Australian thriller Pulpit Rock, performed by Elaine Hudson with a chilling sound design by Jacqueline Labrador. Pulpit Rock by Gina Schien Performed by Elaine Hudson Sound Design by Jacqueline Labrador Produced by Gill Falson… Read More

It’s Your Funeral

Eastside Radio presents a Sonic Tale: It’s Your Funeral written by Noelle Janaczewska. Directed by: Susie Lindeman Sound Design by: Serge Stanley Cast: Anthony Phelan [Dad] & Stephen King [Daniel] Susie Lindeman [Mum] Noelle Janaczewska is a Sydney-based writer with over 30 radio plays under her belt. They have been broadcast and published… Read More

A Walk In The Park

A Walk in the Park: A Difference of Opinions is the first play to be aired during the first season of Sonic Tales. Written by: Donna Abela Directed by: Vanessa Hughes Sound Design: Stephan Franz Cast: Emma Jones, Libby Ahearn Donna Abela writes for audiences of all ages, collaborating across a… Read More