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Universal blood types, ADHD and gluten and listening flowers

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Join Boiling Point’s Chantelle, Nick and Cat on journey through three trending science stories.

1. The universal blood donation – Researchers identified an enzyme extracted from gut bacteria that strip off the sugar molecules of red blood cells. The results are red blood cells with the blood type O. And anyone can safely receive this blood type.

2. Coeliac Disease and hyperactivity disorder: Researchers found that people with a hyperactive disorder are more likely to also suffer from coeliac disease than the average person. For the study, the celiac patients went on a gluten-free diet and their hyperactivity improved. The researchers don’t understand the underlying causes just yet.

3. Flowers can hear bees? New research challenges our understanding of hearing. Researchers found that a flower can receive the vibration caused by an approaching bee and sends according signals to produce more pollen and nectar.

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