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Resilience with Dr Sue Morris

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Resilience. It’s a word we hear a lot at the moment. But what is it? How do we get it and why is it important? Dr Sue Morris, psychologist and academic at UNSW joined Sylvia in the studio in conversation. Sue also recommended the following reading list for those who want tp know more:





American Psychological Association – Road to Resilience




Chapter on Resilience


In terms of building resilience, prevailing wisdom is to develop a set of skills and practices to develop wellbeing and buffer against adversity. When bad things happen (and they invariably will), you then have a repertoire from which to select the tools most likely to produce the best response in that situation. My book, The Rubber Brain, is replete with such tools to self-optimise and deal with adversity, particularly targeted at university students, but helpful to ANYONE. See: https://www.australianacademicpress.com.au/books/details/314/The_Rubber_Brain_A_toolkit_for_optimising_your_study_work_and_life