Faboriginal – Miss First Nations 2018

Black, queer and fabulous – these were the performers at this years Miss First Nations Grand Final. The competition brings the nations best Indigenous drag queens to Sydney to strut their stuff in a week long competition. Competitors came from as far as the Northern Territories Tiwi Islands, as well… Read More

Murdoch and the Press

Two ex-Prime Ministers, Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull have both come out slamming the Murdoch press for it’s influence on Australian politics. Rupert Murdoch owns 70% of the Australian media, this high concentration is concerning to many people because of it’s impact on our Democracy. Tuesday Drive’s, David Barr spoke… Read More

Nail tail wallabies, bilbies and crocs

Cat and Chantelle interview special guest, Alexandra Ross. PhD student Aly Ross talks about her amazing research to help conserve some of Australia’s most unique creatures from extinction by minimising prey naiveté. Bilby and burrow Avocet Nature Reserve. Sources: https://www.bees.unsw.edu.au/alexandra-ross… Read More

QUEER 4 YOUR EARS – Episode 1

What’s Queer 4 Us may not be Queer 4 You! So, in this the first Episode lovingly out together by Bibi & The Big Blue, come see where we land on the Beautiful Big LGBTQIAAP++ Spectrum, and where we can intersect and live, and love, and … DANCE together! Coming… Read More

Pink Cauliflower Coral; Boys, Girls & STEM

Cat and Tim are joined this week by special guest Rosie Steinberg. Pink cauliflower growing underwater? Soft corals are little understood creatures that provide habitat and food for numerous marine invertebrates and fish like seahorses. Marine biologist, Rosie talks about her research on the mysterious soft corals. Boys are better… Read More

Arts Tuesday- Interview with Neil Hodda and Mary Rachel Brown

Valley Artists is proud to announce that its next major production will be the premiere of Australian playwright Noel Hodda’s latest work, The Sculpture Garden. The Sculpture Garden will be directed by Bob Philippe, who also directed – to popular acclaim – Valley Artists’… Read More

Break the Code on Friday Drive

Do you consider yourself to be a master detective or the next relic hunter? If so, then you should check out Break The Code’s escape room. Get whisked away to another place with a choice of four themed rooms, each with their own comprehensive technology and mechanisms to make the… Read More