Dr Keith Suter on changing warfare with Sylvia Rosenblum

On Arts Wednesday 23 January 2019, Dr Keith Suter was Sylvia’s guest, talking about the changing face of warfare in our time. The discussion ranged from declining appetite for war since 1950, the change in battle fronts, change in equipment and the change where warfare takes place. Read More

Arts Tuesday: Interview with Jenny Ericsson – The Marais Project

Jenny Eriksson is part of the baroque ensemble The Marais Project. Jenny completed her initial musical studies at the then NSW State Conservatorium of Music studying music education and cello with Barbara Woolley. Her band just released their new album ‘What Should I Say’ in cooperation with the band Elysan Fields. Read More

Achieving 100% Renewable Energy: Interview with Nicky Ison

Nicky Ison from University of Technology Sydney is senior research consultant at the Institute for Sustainable Futures. Nicky is also the Co-founder of Community Agency. She was David’s guest on Drive Tuesday. They were talking about archieving 100% renewable energy… Read More

Arts Tuesday chat with journalist Elissa Blake

Elissa is a career arts and culture journalist. It was a pleasure for Gaz and Diana to have her on their weekly Arts Tuesday show . Elissa talked about what is happening in January and gives her recommendations on new magnificent shows including a new slam poetry show. Read More