Pink Cauliflower Coral; Boys, Girls & STEM

Cat and Tim are joined this week by special guest Rosie Steinberg. Pink cauliflower growing underwater? Soft corals are little understood creatures that provide habitat and food for numerous marine invertebrates and fish like seahorses. Marine biologist, Rosie talks about her research on the mysterious soft corals. Boys are better… Read More

Arts Tuesday- Interview with Neil Hodda and Mary Rachel Brown

Valley Artists is proud to announce that its next major production will be the premiere of Australian playwright Noel Hodda’s latest work, The Sculpture Garden. The Sculpture Garden will be directed by Bob Philippe, who also directed – to popular acclaim – Valley Artists’… Read More

Break the Code on Friday Drive

Do you consider yourself to be a master detective or the next relic hunter? If so, then you should check out Break The Code’s escape room. Get whisked away to another place with a choice of four themed rooms, each with their own comprehensive technology and mechanisms to make the… Read More

Is the US Political System Broken?

It seems like almost everyday more bizarre news comes out the US. President Trump has pushed boundaries like no other US President has. Drive Tuesday spoke with Associate Professor, Brendan O’Connor, of the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney in anticipation of the upcoming Midterm elections. Read More


Arts Thursday 4th October 2018 The Horizon Apartments in Darlinghurst – designed by the late architect Harry Seidler on the site of the former ABC studios and offices has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. Two of the Horizon residents, Peter Morton (who once worked in the ABC studios) and architect… Read More

David Coles on Chromatopia with Sylvia Rosenblum

David Coles is a master paint maker, using traditional pigments to create gorgeous oil paints for artists. In his recently published book, Chromatopia, he explores the history of colour. In this conversation, Sylvia focuses on the toxicity of so many pigments and the variety of black pigments. Read More

Cancer combating venom, anti-avian airport tech, benefits of books on brains

Tim investigates how Australian funnel-web spiders can help fight melanoma and Tasmanian Devil facial tumours. Chantelle explores the brain benefits of growing up surrounded by books. And Nick discusses new technology keeping birds away from airport runways. Sources: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/growing-surrounded-books-may-bolster-skills-later-life-180970523/#7pYqKcJLJHFJSpmy.99 https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0204802 http://amp.abc.net.au/article/10344588… Read More

Perry Keyes and his new album Jimmy Salmon’s Lament

Drive Tuesday was lucky to have Waterloo local Perry Keyes join us in studio to discuss his new album, Jim Salmon’s Lament. He recently sold out all his Sydney shows, but you can catch him elsewhere around the state if you’re quick. Check out  his new album here, and tickets… Read More