White City of Tel Aviv with Sylvia Rosenblum

In 2003, UNESCO placed Tel Aviv’s White City on the World Heritage list. The White City refers to the more than 4,000 buildings, designed by Bauhaus architects, fleeing from Nazi Germany in the 1930s. Dr Micha Gross is one of the founders of the Bauhaus Centre in Tel Aviv and… Read More

Insect special: Giant bees, Bogong moths and mathematical bees

This week on Boiling Point Chantelle, Jake and Nick are back for an amazing bug filled week. The six centimetre Megachile Pluto bee is back, having been spotted for first time in 37 years; the devastating consequences of the Bogong moth’s decline; and can bees really do maths? Sources: –… Read More

Episode 3: Outdoors

Eight-year-old Leo is eloquent about snorkelling, crabbing, camping and more, with the help of younger sister Ayla.  Then a song about fishing, and one from Sydney group The Vegetable Plot.  Find more info at www.catchitbythetail.com.  … Read More

Episode 2: Tricksters

Dipping into Danny Kaye’s great repertoire of music for children, and a re-telling of a classic folk story. Find more info at www.catchitbythetail.com. Read More

Episode 1: Mostly Dogs

Catch it by the Tail returns in a new podcast format. Justine Clarke reads a story and we hear songs about dogs and sung by them. And other dogginess. Find more info at www.catchitbythetail.com. Read More

Design Museum Holon with Sylvia Rosenblum

On Arts Wednesday 27 February 2019, Sylvia’s guest was Maya Dvash, Chief Curator of the Design Museum in Holon, Israel. Hear about the origins of the museum and its development over the last few years. The conversation continues with a discussion of the temporary exhibition by Dutch design master, Maarten… Read More

CEO Elaine Chia Previews 2019 City Recital Hall Season

Elaine Chia the CEO of City Recital Hall joined us at Eastside FM for an interview by Virginia Lowe on Arts Wednesday. Chia tells Eastside how though she’s always had a passion for music, her degree was actually in interior architecture. During her time studying she worked at The Princess… Read More

Palaeontologist Liz Dowding and Horseshoe crabs

Palaeontologist Liz Dowding and the living fossil; Horseshoe crabs  Special guest devonian palaeontologist and biogiographer, Elizabeth Dowding,  talks with Cat about the contentious fish dominated Devonian period , plus the even more contentious ‘new’ continent Zealandia. Alex talks about the wonderful Horseshoe Crab, technically an arachnid and… Read More

Brexit in Crisis – What’s going on?

David Barr is joined by Professor Simon Tormey on Drive Tuesday to discuss the ongoing Brexit saga. With the fast approaching deadline of March 29, and one disaster after another hitting the UK Parliament, you can’t help but wonder what’s going on? Catch up… Read More