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More penguins than people – the Falkland Islands as a climate lab

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Dr Zoe Thomas defying the inhospitable weather conditions of the Falklands and still smiling. Photo credit: Prof Chris Turney

The trip of a lifetime. Dr Zoe Thomas went on a fieldtrip to the Falkland Islands to study past climates and to learn about the present. She met lots of lovely penguins and even more lovely humans. She found remnants of trees older than you can imagine and evidence of what our climate once looked like. After four weeks on this magical group of islands she made it back to Australia – just in time for the borders to shut out the pandemic that would rule the world.

Join us on our journey into the history of southern climate!

Windy, cold and still beautiful – the Falkland Islands. Photo credit: Dr Zoe Thomas

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Zoe’s UNSW profile

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