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Midday naps, horseshoe crab blood and Neptune’s new moon

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Midday naps, horseshoe crab blood and Neptune’s new moon

Nick finds out what good lunch time nap on the other does to our brain

Horseshoe crabs and the amazing medical uses of their blue blood, put it at risk from over exploitation

What the moon? It’s tiny and probably pretty young, Nick gets the low down on a new moon for Neptune


Neptune’s new moon;Hippocamp
Shown here is the location of Hippocamp, compared with those of Neptune’s rings and other inner moons. The relative sizes of the moons are accurate; however, the moons have been enlarged with respect to their orbits by a factor of 20, to highlight the diminutive size of Hippocamp. Scale bar, 10,000 kilometres. Source: https://www.nature.com Article by Anne J. Verbiscer


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